All Battlefield 2042 Liquidators Event Rewards!

Are you all searching for the Battlefield 2042 Liquidators event rewards? Here’s all about Battlefield 2042 latest liquidators event, release date and more contents about the same.

Battlefield 2042 season 2 has brought on a new event in the form of Liquidators, as the game’s mid season needed an event, so Battlefield 2042 has decided to unleash the new liquidators event to the players.

The major highlight about the Liquidators event is its tactical conquest event which is also only for a limited time, this event of liquidators allows players to earn ribbons, player cards, weapon gun skins, dozer specialist set and a lot more from Battlefield 2042.

All Battlefield 2042 Liquidators Event Rewards!

Battlefield 2042 Liquidators Event Rewards

As the Liquidators event had already started from 11th October and will also last till 25th October for Battlefield 2042 players, here’s the event’s rewards.

Now the tactical conquest ltm events and challenged are up for players, this LTM challenge is all inspired from the Call of Duty game. As over two weeks are there for the liquidatord event, first week Battlefield 2042 players will be tussling out in 8v8 mode and 16v16 mode for the next week.

The maps for the liquidators event will be Arica Harbor, Breakaway, Caspian Border, Discarded, Renewal, Classic and the Stranded map too. The list of rewards for the liquidators event 2022 are here at GA, all these can be earned for the first week of the event in Battlefield 2042

– Weapon Skins

– Ribbons

– Player Cards

– Gun Skins

– Dozer Specialist Set

– Shield Player Cards

– Login Rewards

– Themed Headgear Set

– Operator Skins

– Charms

Complete Rewards for the Tactical Conquest in Liquidators Event 2022! 

All these are the list of rewards for the Liquidators event and the tactical conquest LTM event Battlefield 2042.

  • 10 Ribbons will give away a new Epic “The Shield” Player Card Background
  • 30 Ribbons will give a new Epic “Kinetic Caliber” AM40 Weapon Skin
  • 60 Ribbons will give players with the new epic “Wrecking Crew” Dozer Specialist Set
  • 100 Ribbons will Unlock the exclusive Legendary “Trojan Horse” M1A5 Vehicle Skin

More on Battlefield 2042 Liquidators Event!

Battlefield 2042 Liquidators Event Rewards

As the new liquidators event from Battlefield 2042 had been running well with players enjoying this wholesome and fun event with the rewards, now it seems that the Liquidators event on Battlefield 2042 was unfortunately disabled, all these issues from Battlefield 2042 are not new at all for the players of the game.

Once the liquidators event had gone live, Battlefield 2042 and DICE the official developers of the game all of a sudden had decided to disable the same event,

the reasons were obvious that players throughout the Liquidators event couldn’t progress well with unlocking the rewards and level, that’s why it was disabled it seems.

When Will the Liquidators Event Resume in Battlefield 2042?

As of now, the developers DICE haven’t yet decided to resume the liquidators event soon in battlefield 2042, once the date is fixed, the liquidators event will resume sooner in Battlefield 2042.

Once more updates about liquidators  event disabled come out from the team of Battlefield 2042, we will post it here for you all, hopefully a good news comes out soon from the developers DICE or even from the publishers of Battlefield 2042 who are the Electronic Arts team.


Battlefield 2042 Liquidators event rewards article from Gaming Acharya is done now, all Liquidators event rewards, tactical conquest ltm rewards, liquidators event disabled news are all covered up here.

Stay tuned for more info about the Liquidators event 2022 resumption from us her, for all Battlefield 2042 players a good news should be coming out sooner from the devs DICE.

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