Apex Legends Season 15 Legend Leak, Release Date & More!

Apex Legends Season 15 legend leak, release date and more about Apex Legends season 15 is here. As it’s time for Apex Legends season 15 already, players are so curious to know about the season 15 legendary character.

The Apex Legends season 15 launch is just a couple of weeks away, as per the buzz Apex Legends season 15 will begin on November 1st week.

Okay now let’s get into the major highlight of Apex Legends season 15 character, all Apex Legends players are very excited to know about the next legend from season 15, though no official release of the legend name from Apex Legends team is not known yet, still, the legend name of Apex Legends season 15 is “Catalyst”.

Apex Legends Season 15 Legend Leak – Who’s Next?

Apex Legends Season 15 Legend Leak

As per the leaks from the team of Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends next legend character for season 15 is “Catalyst”, as the posters and concepts of catalyst are also being leaked by dataminers. And many Apex Legends users deem that the catalyst legend character poster was done several months ago, but in some way, the catalyst concept poster is more of a witch character.

And some presume the concept poster of catalyst legend for season 15 of Apex Legends is not the same what was designed earlier. But let’s wait and watch for more updates about Apex Legends season 15 legend character info and a lot more soon.

Now let’s look up the abilities and skill sets of the catalyst character from Apex Legends season 15,

Passive Reinforce Abilities– can stand near the ferro fluid structures, and doors, Legends will bring in more power and inflict more damages too.

Tactical, Ferro Shot – this shot instantly produces a hard ferrofluid which is also flexible, also can create platforms on all the wall structures

Ultimate, Iron Tower powers – Ferro fluid starts from the below part, also this catalyst abilities allow you to create a taller and hard column

When Will Apex Legends Season 15 Release?

Apex Legends Season 15 Legend Leak

As per the leaks, Apex Legends Season 15 will be released in the first week of November 2022. Let’s wait up for the exclusive and official release date of Apex Legends season 15 from the developer’s Respawn Entertainment soon.

More on Apex Legends Season 15! 

The season 15 name of Apex Legends is “Eclipse”, more maps and features are also expected in Apex Legends season 15, more new characters, weapons, and rewards are all on the bucket list of Respawn Entertainment for season 15 of Apex Legends.

All these leaks of Apex Legends S15 are surfing around the internet from the lewker Tom Henderson, let’s hope that we get to see more Apex Legends season 15 leaks, features, and updates in the coming days. As even Apex Legends season 14 is ending its tenure very very soon, so Respawn Entertainment themselves will be providing more and more exclusive content and updates to the players and fans of Apex Legends sooner than expected.

That’s all about the leaks and updates from Apex Legends season 15 Eclipse for now, let’s wait and watch out the handle of respawn entertainment to know more exciting contents on Apex Legends season 15 edition.


That’s all about Apex Legends Season 15 legend leak, as all the leaks about Apex Legends season 15 legend names are all covered here.

Even the Apex Legends season 15 legend character’s abilities and skillsets with the names have been provided over here, although they are all not official, yet the leaks of Apex Legends Season 15 are so exciting for the players.

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