New Agent Harbor Valorant Release Date, Abilities!

New Agent from Valorant is gearing up for its release sooner, as the next new agent 21 from Valorant is titled Harbor, here is the exclusive news about agent 21 of Valorant through our ga article New Agent Harbor Valorant Release Date, Abilities here below.

As Riot Games has been proactive in bringing about new updates and changes to Valorant, now they have found that the agent character in Valorant is one such way that keeps the players engaged every month with new releases.

Valorant’s 5.08 patch update version, in other words, Valorant episode 5 act 3 will unleash the new legend character in the game which is the Harbor, Valorant players have been waiting to know all the super magical powers and abilities which the harbor agent boasts in the game.

New Agent Harbor Valorant Release Date, Abilities!

New Agent Harbor Valorant Release Date
New Agent Harbor Valorant Release Date

Now speaking about the next agent’s release date from Valorant, the harbor agent is all set to be unleashed on Valorant on 18th, October 2022 which is just a few days away.

Indian Valorant fans can rejoice about the next agent 21 of the game, as Harbor is said to be an Indian agent character from Valorant, and harbor agent’s code name is said to be Varun Batra, and harbor in Valorant is also said to have come from the coastal regions of western Mumbai.

The trailer of the Valorant harbor agent has already amassed unanimously positive reviews from the fans, and here’s the list of powers and abilities possessed by the harbor agent from Valorant.

Harbor Agent Abilities in Valorant! 

Here’s the list of abilities of agent 21 Harbor who’s also said to be the 5th controller agent of the Valorant game,

Cascade Ability: Get around a wave of water. Fire them all to keep the wave to climb on the walls. Also, players can use this harbor agent’s ability to avert a sequence of waves.

Cove Ability: use this to acquire some sphere of water. Use fire to throw it, Alt the fire for underarm, and use Cove’s ability to spawn through the water shield which is blocked by the bullets.

Reckoning: leverage the abilities of Artifact. Equip fire to accumulate some geyser pool at the ground. Valorant gamers who get caught during strikes will be concussed.

High Tide:  the high tide skills of the harbor will gather a wall of water and immediately fire them all to send the water through the ground. Alt-firing helps with bending too.

All these are the official harbor agent abilities and skills with powers on Valorant 5.08 patch Update, once harbor is released on Valorant from 18th Oct, users will be employing all the skills and strategies of the harbor agent.

More on Harbor Agent in Valorant!

New Agent Harbor Valorant Release Date
New Agent Harbor Valorant Release Date

To unleash harbor in Valorant, players must also activate the harbor agent’s contract once it’s available soon.

And as the name says the Indian harbor agent from Valorant has all the water-based abilities and strategies which he uses to bewitch your enemies too, and it’s also a debut for an Indian agent from Valorant, all thanks to the team of Riot Games.


That’s a wrap from Gaming Acharya for New Agent Harbor Valorant Release Date, Abilities & more leaks here, as the new Valorant agent 21 Harbor is available to players from 18th Oct, Riot Games might bring on more updates in the coming days too.

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