Sisters Challenge Destiny 2: (Daughter Challenge) How To Complete It?

Today we will see about the Sisters Challenge Destiny 2, which we also Said Daughters Challenge. Players of Destiny 2 Season in Plunder will encounter themselves inside the middle of a fresh sisters challenge Destiny 2 inside the King’s Fall Raid following the most recent weekly reset.

In order to complete the most recent challenge, players must complete a secret goal as in Daughter’s encounter in both the normal & Master versions of a Raid. Every Guardian who completes the challenge receives two chests there at conclusion, each containing Raid gear or Pinnacles.

However, players can have the choice to forego this step and finish the encounter altogether using standard methods. In this post, we will get to know more about the Sisters Challenge Destiny 2 (Daughter Challenge), And we will learn how to complete it.

How To Complete Sisters Challenge Destiny 2 (Daughter Challenge)?

Sisters Challenge Destiny 2

Players are not allowed to stand with the same plate more than once during the construction phase of this Sisters Challenge Destiny 2 (Daughter Challenge). Players who are constructing the road to a Brand Stealer perk will therefore need to keep a record of the platforms they have already crossed.

For instance, if someone steps onto the front left or rear right, they are unable to do so again until the damage phase is over, which counts as just a reset for the purpose of the Sisters Challenge Destiny 2 (Daughter Challenge).

Having players assigned to different locations is helpful. For example, 3 guardians could take care of the front plates while another three could handle the back. Players from the opposing team should assist and intervene if necessary.

Players must cross six separate platforms to start the damage phase. Players should keep track of where they have or haven’t stood because repetition will inevitably occur. Additionally, this means that all players need to be knowledgeable about the callouts as well as the platform building techniques.

Players have enough time left on the clock to take the necessary actions to steal the Brand from the Daughters or melt them with their weapons, despite the fact that the Daughters encounter was relatively time-constrained. The King’s Fall raid’s standard version of this encounter offers a simple two-phase.

How Will Be The Enemy In Sisters Challenge Destiny 2 (Daughter Challenge)?

Sisters Challenge Destiny 2


Barrier Champions and arc elemental shields are new additions to the Master edition of this raid. The two Daughters’ health will also be better because of modifiers and higher power requirements.

A Barrier Hive Knights here on plates and also the Taken Phalanx on Arc shields will be your top priorities. As being one of Daughters will shoot at torn allies, it is best to have them take shelter apart from the player on the plate to avoid the possibility of both of them dying.

What Weapons & Builds To Use In Sisters Challenge Destiny 2 (Daughter Challenge)?

For fire teams to harm Champions and the Daughters, Starfire Solar Warlocks equipped with Well of Radiance are just a need. To clear adds & shields, though, Trinity Ghoul would be the preferred option.

For both Barrier Champions or Arc elemental shields, the season’s Tarnished Mettle and Explosive Payload would be a great option. A Divinity armed with rocket launchers or linear fusion rifles can likewise harm both Daughters.

To complete the Sisters Challenge Destiny 2, We need to keep both Daughters’ health at a minimum during the harm phase. We can gather enough weapons to defeat them all at once in this manner. Hunter with Star Eater Scale or Precision Golden Gun, together with Thundercrash and Cuirass, are options for Titans.

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