Destiny 2 Hotfix Update, Patch Notes!

Destiny 2 Hotfix along with the game’s patch update and notes are revealed, as Bungie has unveiled a new major patch update to the guardians, the Destiny 2 patch update and patch notes said to have solved many things and brought new updates to the guardians.

Destiny 2 next patch update version was released on 11th October 2022 which was yesterday, as many fixes were also revealed through patch notes

The Destiny 2 hotfix includes several bug fixes, future balance updates, and a lot more related to servers that were tested by Bungie, here’s the list of complete Destiny 2 patch notes, hotfix, and a lot more on GA.

Destiny 2 Hotfix, Patch Update, Patch Notes!

Destiny 2 Hotfix  

Bungie has released a patch update in Destiny 2 with a major goal of testing a new tech and also for Hotfix. And it’s made sure that the Destiny 2 patch update doesn’t add any quests, hidden challenges and events to the guardians. Here are all the major things on Destiny 2 patch update and hotfix,

– Tower loading time increase, which was an issue for the guardians already

– Stability Improvements are done through Destiny 2 update

– Auto Rifles & Trace Rifles are improved with a better stat and abilities

– Range of Pulse Rifles changed from low to mid for stat values, which may not work well with the guardians

– Rocket launcher with buffs are also done

– Sniper flinch is updated with some reworks, more on sniper flinch will be known soon

– Scout Rifle damage impact reduced from earlier

– Hit detection for Glaives stabilised again with better stats

More on Destiny 2 Hotfix Fixes! 

Here are some more Destiny 2 patch notes and hotfix,

– Rework for 20 weapon perks will be done

– Rework for 20 Exotic weapons is also in consideration from Bungie

– Sidearm aim fall off fixed for guardians

– Shotgun randomness was reduced and removed completely

– Submachine guns have some tweaks

– Glaive damage Nerf is done again

– Minor small buff for the critical hit damage abilities for both Adaptive Frame Pulse Rifles & also the Precision Frame Auto Rifles.

– Lord of wolves rework set to continue again through out this hotfix update

– Jade rabbit has gotten a nerf again

Major bug fixes through Destiny 2 6.2.08 update – Know it Here!

Destiny 2 Hotfix

– Players who kept losing the brand claimer with buff even with the timer active at d Warpriest challenge from Destiny 2 King’s Fall raid have been fixed easily 

– Players who couldn’t upgrade the witch queen deluxe edition at Epic Games Store will be solved in a week’s time

– Fixed the riven who has invincible powers in the last wish raid with guardians still not able to attack her

– Guardians who had issues with calus statue buttons while interacting at the duality dungeon were soft locked, now it’s been fixed by Bungie

These are all the major buffs, bug fixes, nerfs, updates, and a lot more hotfixes from the Destiny 2 patch update with the patch notes here.

Also, Bungie made sure that Destiny 2 season 19 will have wholesome new changes in the game for all the guardians, but yet this patch update in Destiny 2 will resolve so many issues and give guardians a major advantage to them from the following weeks.


That’s all about Destiny 2 hotfix from Gaming Acharya, all Destiny patch update with notes are revealed here and the update has gone live already.

With Bungie planning for more updates from Destiny 2 season 19, expect guardians to be more powerful with the coming set of patch updates and features.

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