Carlox Fortnite Locker Bundle – All Info!

Epic Games yesterday had unvaulted a couple of locker bundles in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, one among them is the new Carlox Fortnite paradise battle pass locker bundle, also the carlox locker bundle in the itemshop is now available with a huge discount offer.

The reasons for the couple of locker bundle getting released in Fortnite itemshop are unknown, yet loopers can purchase the available new Fortnite locker bundle and its reward items with a discount.

Carlox has had an outfit in Fortnite, now it’s time for the new carlox exclusive Fortnite locker bundle which is available at the itemshop with some amazing discounts and offers.

How to get the Carlox Fortnite Locker Bundle in Fortnite Itemshop?

Carlox Fortnite

The new Carlox locker bundle also with the exclusive nite beam outfit is available now in Fortnite for players to purchase, here are all deets on the Carlox locker bundle, items and rewards from the Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 edition.

All of the reward items from the Fortnite carlox locker bundle will be available for 2,300 V-bucks, which was actually priced at 4,300 V-bucks earlier by Epic Games.

These Carlox Locker Bundle items were earlier a part of the ancients reborn set from the Fortnite chapter 2 season 1 edition, all those carlox locker bundle items were based on animation earlier.

List of Carlox Locker Bundle Items in Fortnite!  

Here is the complete list of Carlox Locker Bundle items from the Fortnite itemshop.

– Nitebeam Outfit

– Lumi Core Red

– Paper Flame

– Phantom Flame

– Chomp JR

All of these items are added to the Carlox Locker Bundle in Fortnite paradise battle pass season yesterday, now the Carlox locker bundle items are available to be purchased at the itemshop with an offer.

How to get the Carlox Locker Bundle Items in Fortnite?

Carlox Fortnite

All the items mentioned above from the carlox locker bundle in Fortnite can be purchased for 2,300 V-bucks individually, as Epic Games has already slashed the price of the carlox locker bundle by 2,000 V-bucks for players to acquire them easily.

Purchase the carlox locker bundle skins, cosmetics, and outfits before they move out of the Fortnite itemshop soon, as we are not sure how long Epic Games will keep this carlox locker bundle in Fortnite.

More on Carlox Bundle in Fortnite! 

The Carlox locker bundle rewards have been a part of the ancient reborn set earlier once in Fortnite chapter 2 season 1, now all the items have come to the itemshop through the paradise season.

The carlox locker bundle was once available individually, as the Carlox outfit in Fortnite was a common outfit once, recruit Carlox outfits were famous earlier. The Carlox character outfit in Fortnite was one amongst the 26 recruits and even was the basic default outfit model for some of the other Fortnite outfits and skins.

Along with the Carlox Fortnite locker bundle, Epic Games also released the MelanyaLolee locker Bundle to the players yesterday in Fortnite. Acquire both the locker bundle items in Fortnite itemshop, before they are released sooner, as both the new locker bundle are famous once in Fortnite’s earlier seasons.

That’s all about the carlox locker bundle from Fortnite on Gaming Acharya, stay tuned for more Fortnite exclusive articles and contents from our end. Until the next Fortnite update arrives, players can obtain the carlox Fortnite locker bundle items, as the complete details of New Carlox locker Fortnite bundle are given here.

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