Life and Death Draw CODM- All Info!

Life and Death Draw CODM is the next lucky draw schedule, life and death draw is all set to commence on 11th October 2022 which is today. Here are all the life and death draw rewards in COD Mobile from us at GA.

As COD Mobile Season 8 is ending today, the life and death lucky draw has been added, and COD Mobile Season 9 will also be having this lucky draw for over 2 weeks of time.

The life and death lucky draw in Call of Duty Mobile is all about spin the wheel and get your lucky rewards, several rewards are lined up for this lucky draw event from CODM.

Life and Death Draw CODM – Release Date!

Life and Death Draw CODM

The life and death lucky draw from Call of Duty: Mobile is available since this morning, this will also be staying in CODM until 24th October, as Call of Duty: Mobile players can try out their luck and get the best rewards, gifts from this CODM lucky draw event.

The best thing about this COD Mobile lucky draw is that it started from COD Mobile season 8 and will end during the season launch of COD Mobile Season 9: Zombies are back edition.

List of Rewards for Life & Death Lucky Draw in Call of Duty Mobile!  

Here’s the list of rewards for Life and Death Draw in COD Mobile,

– MR Thermal Shroud

– Samael

– Legendary Kilo 141: Nova Gold

– Sun Shine

The Samael and nova gold are the best-expected rewards of this lucky draw schedule event from COD Mobile season 9.

All these are the known rewards for this COD Mobile lucky draw schedule, as the event progresses more rewards will be known sooner.

But players can get as much as lucky draw rewards in COD Mobile lucky draw event before the season 9 edition zombie are back begins.

How Many Spins are allowed for this lucky draw in COD Mobile?  

Generally, for any lucky draw event from COD Mobile, players will be able to get 4 chances, but for this event, it’s only about 3 spins, and even players are complaining about spin glitches as they are only getting over 2 spins.

Hopefully, the spin glitch gets solved soon in COD Mobile Season 9.

More on Call of Duty Mobile Season 9!

Life and Death Draw CODM

Now speaking about Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9, the zombies are back, COD Mobile S9 is all set to release on the 12th of October 2022, which is tomorrow. COD Mobile season 9 has all-new battle pass free tiers, premium cards, premium pass tiers, zombie classic.

A brand new themed event named the hunted voyage is expected to be rolled out soon in COD Mobile Season 9th edition, while many new seasonal challenges are also there. Operator Skins, Weapon Blue Prints, and 30k Battle Pass XP will all be the expected COD Mobile season 9 seasonal challenges and events rewards for now. A wholesome COD Mobile season 9 edition is awaited for the players soon from tomorrow.


Life and Death Draw lucky draw event article news from GA is done, for now, spin and get the best COD Mobile season 9 rewards during this whole event.

As more events are planned to be available from tomorrow once COD Mobile Season 9 Zombies are back commenced to all worldwide.

Stay tuned for more Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 news and updates from our end. Follow gaming acharya for more exclusive gaming news and updates from this handle. Share your comments in the comment box.

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