How to fix OW2 Heroes Locked Bug

Overwatch 2 was released with a slew of problems and heartbreaks. Therefore, in this exclusive and interesting articles of Gaming Acharya we are going to discuss all about fixing OW2 Heroes Locked Bug. As they traverse the new game, gamers have encountered a glitch that locks heroes for previous players. While Snowstorm deals with a fix, here is an aide on how to tackle this issue. 

How to fix OW2 Heroes Locked Bug

OW2 Heroes Locked Bug premiered on October 4th, with the goal of expanding the previous game’s popularity. This game has not been user-friendly to veterans of the genre because it was designed for new players who did not buy the original Overwatch. Beginning players will get complete access to the original roster after 100 matches, but former players will have instant access to their favorite characters – until they encounter the all-too-common issue that locks their heroes.

OW2 Heroes Locked Bug: How to Fix the Bug

Blizzard provided a rudimentary workaround, claiming that the problem may be fixed by logging in and out of your account. However, when combined with Overwatch 2’s lengthy server delays, this problem becomes more difficult than our recommended, easy solution. In reality, gamers may be barred from logging in after signing out.

Here are some actions players should follow while diagnosing this problem before attempting this solution:

  • Restart your computer or console.
  • In the event that you have an unfortunate sign, really look at your web association and restart the switch.
  • If you’re playing on a console, combine your previous Overwatch account with your new Overwatch 2 account.

To combine accounts, launch OW2 Heroes Locked Bug and navigate to the “Options” menu. Find and select “Connection account” from the menu. You will be given a QR code that will divert you to a login page. Select “Account Merge” after creating a new account or signing in. If you encounter a problem while combining accounts, follow this advice to resolve it.

If these improvements do not remedy the issue, Blizzard will hopefully release a patch update shortly that will. 

How to fix OW2 Heroes Locked Bug

How to fix OW2 Heroes Locked Bug

Snowstorm is treating Overwatch 1 players in an unexpected way, for example, excluding them from required telephone confirmation. However, they keep on confronting difficulties, for example, long server lines. Even after waiting in large lines, some players are unable to reclaim Heroes from OW2 Heroes Locked Bug.

Blizzard claims that merely logging in and out repeatedly will resolve the issue, but who wants to wait that long in lines? The help is presently problematic, and signing in and out is troublesome. You may even forget to log in again, exacerbating the problem. Blizzard will ultimately address the problem, but you must wait.

If you need to log in and out of the solution quickly, we recommend that you attempt the solutions listed below first.

  • To begin, ensure that the problem is not on your end by rebooting your PC or console.
  • The next thing you’ll want to check is whether or not your Internet connection is operating properly.
  • To affirm that your organization isn’t making any issues, switch off the modem and afterward restart it.
  • If you’re playing this game on a console, consider merging your accounts; it could cure the glitch and give you access to all of your locked characters in OW2 Heroes Locked Bug.

If the preceding remedies fail to resolve the issue, be assured that it is a server-side issue that Blizzard will immediately resolve.

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