Who is Valorant agent 21? Codename, class and more

Since Mob Games declared the following agent going to Valorant Agent 21 in the primary demonstration of Episode Five, there have been a few hypotheses about the new person’s past.

Who is Valorant agent 21? Codename, class and more

In an email interaction with Brimstone in the game, Fade referred to the new agent as Varun Batra and used the pronoun “he,” implying that Varun Batra is almost probably a male agent.

Who exactly is Valorant Agent 21?

The family name Batra is a Hindu and Sikh name with an obscure implying that depends on the name of a faction in the Arora people group, giving additional data about where the following agent might come from.

Riot has made a point of recruiting agents from all over the world and introducing cultures not before seen in the video game industry. This could likewise be the situation in the event that Varun Batra is demonstrated to be an Indian agent, which would be a first for Valorant. Varuna, another similar first name, has Hindu significance as well. The name is gotten from the Hindu Puranas, where Varuna is the sea divinity.

The secret picture for Mage shows a boat before Mumbai’s Entryway of India, as well as the Taj inn. The graphic depicts Mumbai’s top-rated hotel on the right page of a book. At long last, the guide at the base right of the book portrays India to Kolkata or Bangladesh.

What is the codename for Valorant agent 21?

According to recent revelations, Valorant agent 21’s codename is Mage.

Valorant agent 21 belongs to what class?

Mage will be a regulator, as indicated by Uproar’s new Condition of the Agents article. Valorant agent 21 presently has four controllers available, as well as six duelists, five initiators, and four sentinels.

Valorant Agent 21 has been traced near Punjab.

There have been many leaks about Valorant agent 21, all pointing to a fugitive on the run with a precious relic. Cypher, Fade, and other characters from the FPS game have been on his tail for weeks, but REALM hasn’t made things any easier. Domain and Realm Organization have been working nonstop to secure the puzzling maverick who could join Valorant’s ideal Convention.

Valorant Agent 21 has released a new teaser, which validates a number of leaks and rumors. Valorant Agent 21 is an emerging Indian agent with a water-based toolbox.

Who is Valorant agent 21? Codename, class and more

A Kingdom aircraft was spotted in India’s sky, inflicting minor damage to a Punjabi Dhaba. Dhabas are traditional cafés that sell savory delicacies like Samosa chaat and tea, which the enigmatic Varun Batra adores. This café is called ‘Pagri wala Dhaba,’ alluding to the province of Punjab. Dancing sculptures of a Sikh couple attest to the place even more.

Water jigging away from the glass interrupts the live feed, followed by an explosive explosion. The event reveals two things: Agent 21 possesses a water-based kit, and they were most likely on Kingdom’s jet. The communication from the women to Brimstone further supports the premise that Varun Batra’s presence is reflected in the river.

“The operatives spoke about enormous water walls and waves breaking over their ranks.” And the fugitive, who is up against a dozen guys at once. The reports corroborate the facts at the location, which shows significant flooding everywhere but no local water source.”

REALM and Kingdom Cooperation have been looking for Varun Batra since he escaped with a rare treasure. Brimstone has been pushed by Astra and others to expedite the search and apprehend them before REALM, who has branded Batra as a dangerous robber. Varun Batra is innocent, according to the Protocol and even a REALM Private.

Unless additional twists and turns occur, valiant agent 21 has been apprehended by the Kingdom. If that’s the case, the Protocol should be able to overcome the theft difficulties and deploy Varun Batra to the field around October 24.

Valorant currently has 20 agents, which might be overwhelming for a rookie player. If you’re new to Valorant, check out our beginner’s guide, as well as our list of the best Valorant crosshairs and codes, to ensure you’re prepared.

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