Hyakunin Ikki Narukami Arena Genshin Impact Event Guide

Hyakunin ikki narukami arena Genshin Impact guide & pathway from GA is here. The Hyakunin Ikki rerun event in Genshin Impact 3.1 version has kickstarted, where this Narukami Arena is said to be an event quest of the same Hyakunin Ikki event.

The Hyakunin Ikki recurring combat event from Genshin Impact 3.1 is back once again, now travelers have been assigned with a new event quest in the form of Hyakunin Ikki: Narukami Arena which also begins at the Inazuma city at the Inazuma region of the game.

If the Hyakunin Ikki event is back, then it’s also time for Kayabuki Ikkei to make his entry, as players will have an exclusive interaction with kayabuki for this narukami arena event at the Inazuma city.

Hyakunin Ikki Narukami Arena Genshin Impact – Guide & Pathway!

Hyakunin Ikki Narukami Arena Genshin Impact

Proceed to the Narukami Arena event, where Kayabuki makes his way to the Hyakunin Ikki event at Inazuma city, Kayabuki makes his way with a dialogue of ” it’s a while since I made way to Hyakunin Ikki event”.

Then travelers should have a convo with kayabuki immediately, Kayabuki greets with a hello and says “warrior from a foreign land”.

Also paimon along with kayabuki arrives at the Inazuma city, finish the convo and proceed to fight with opponents.

Once the interaction with kayabuki is done, proceed further to the Hyakunin Ikki Narukami event, travelers must travel through the map regions to find some battles.

Also, travelers make sure to configure the best characters and skills at Inazuma for this Genshin Impact 3.1 rerun quest, choose the best characters to fight with for this hyakunin ikki event.

there’s also no limit, as travelers can defeat as much as opponents they can for this Genshin Impact Narukami Arena event, even 100+ can be done easily too.

More on Hyakunin Ikki Narukami Arena Event in Genshin Impact! 

Hyakunin Ikki Narukami Arena Genshin Impact

The starting point location for Hyakunin Ikki Narukami Arena event will be the Inazuma city location from the Inazuma region of Genshin Impact 3.1, this event revolves only around 3 Genshin characters, that are Travelers, Kayabuki Ikkei, and finally the Paimon.

The interaction between all these three for Narukami Arena event happens, the travelers can defeat as many as opponents they can.

Some travelers have defeated more than 100 enemies for this hyakunin ikki narukami event in Genshin Impact.

Travelers must also configure the best characters with abilities, then travel through mountains, underground water, sea, hills, caves, and a lot more places by passing through the mushrooms.

We will try to get more pathways, walkthroughs, and guides for all of the Hyakunin Ikki event soon, till then you can finish this narukami event from Genshin Impact 3.1 easily.

Rewards for Hyakunin Ikki Narukami Arena!  

The selected list of rewards for Hyakunin Ikki Narukami Arena in Genshin Impact 3.1,

– 10,000 Mora

– Primogems

– Platinum: Kongou Lion

– The Event Hyakunin Ikki Unlocks

These are all the only rewards from HoYoverse for the Hyakunin Ikki Narukami Arena event in Genshin 3.1, more rewards will be further added for the other hyakunin ikki events in the coming days.


Hyakunin ikki narukami arena quest guide for Genshin Impact 3.1 is updated on GA. The rest of the hyakunin ikki event quests will be unlocked one by one after this narukami quest, stay tuned for all Hyakunin Ikki quest guides from our end here.

Till then, stay tuned to our handle for more Genshin Impact quest guides and updates from our end. Follow us on all Gaming Acharya social media pages to stay updated with Esports news and updates.

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