PUBG M17 Royale Pass – Release Date, Rewards & More Leaks!

PUBG M17 royale pass release date, rewards, and many more leaks have been surfing online. As PUBG month 16 RP is ending from nov mid, then the next cycle pass which is the 17th-month pass in PUBG RP 17 will be releasing out to the players.

Right now PUBG M15 royale pass is available for the players, up next M16 Royale Pass will take over, and then from November mid, the 17th month Royale Pass in PUBG will be available to the players.

Though the official list of m17 Royale Pass rewards for PUBG is unknown, some leaked rewards and the M16 Royale Pass rewards will be retained for PUBG m17 Royale Pass season.

PUBG M17 Royale Pass – Release Date, Rewards & More Leaks!

PUBG M17 Royale Pass

The M16 royale pass rewards in PUBG are revealed and some of the ranked rewards of M16 RP are expected to be retained for the M17 royale pass as well.

Article Name PUBG M17 Royal Pass Release Date
Name of the Game PUBG Mobile
Type of the Game Multiplayer Survival Game
Launched on 23 March 2017
Name of the developer KRAFTON, PUBG Corporation, Kakao Games, Xbox Game Studios, Tencent Games, KRAFTON, Inc.
PUBG 2.3 Update Release Date 20th November 2022
Official Website PUBG Mobile
PUBG 2.3 APK Size 1.91 GB


Some of the leaked rewards for the PUBG M17 royal pass season could be,

M17 Royal Pass Reward Leaks!

– New Grenade Skin

– Snow Outfits

– New Mission Gun

– New Map Location

– Metro Royale Themed Mode

– Orange Helmet

– Two Pistol Guns

More PUBG M17 Royale Pass Rewards!  

Further leaks and rewards for PUBG month 17 M17 RP,

– EZ License Card

– RP Sets

– Weapon Skins

– Orange Gun Skins

– Mythic Emote

– Dancing Emote

– RP Mission Card

– Cupid Ornament Skins

– Gloo Wall

– RP Task Cards

– Smoke Grenade Skin

– Green Helmet

– Purple Outfits

– Mythic Mask Crusader Outfits

– DJ Dancer Set

Some of the other PUBG M17 RP features and leaks,

– Color Explosion Set

– AKM Skins and Cosmetics

– Military Gun Skins

– Dynamic Beat

– Butterfly Fighter Outfits and Set

– Glorious Ruins Helmet Skins

– Free Emote Skins

– Golden Share Pack

– Supply Crates

PUBG M17 Royale Pass Release Date?

PUBG M17 Royale Pass

The M16 PUBG RP season will be ending its tenure on Nov 19th, so Nov 20th, 2022 is gonna be the release date for PUBG 17th month M17 Royale Pass.

The PUBG M17 Royal Pass will be released and live to all players worldwide from 20th Nov 2022.

PUBG M17 Royale Pass Price?  

As usual, the PUBG M17 Royale Pass is gonna be available in two categories,

– Purchase the M17 Elite Royale Pass for over 300 Unknown Cash or UC

– Purchase the M17 Elite Plus Royale Pass for over 600 Unknown Cash or UC

More on PUBG M17 Royale Pass! 

The PUBG M17 Royale Pass will be the Cycle 4 Season 9 or the C4S9 from Tencent, the M17 RP in PUBG will also be happening during the PUBG 2.3 update version for all the PUBG fans worldwide.

Also, we will have to wait and watch whether Tencent is gonna continue with the same M17 Royale Pass release date and rewards for PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite.


But for now, these are all the unofficially official PUBG M17 Royale Pass rewards, leaks, release date, and features. Stay tuned to Gaming Acharya for more PUBG M17 Royale Pass rewards, M17 Royal Pass leaks and updates, PUBG M17 RP features, and more leaks soon.

That’s a wrap from our end on the PUBG M17 Royal Pass release date, and rewards. All PUBG M17 RP leaks, features, PUBG m17 Royal Pass updates, and rewards are given from our end.

Stay tuned for more PUBG M17 Royale Pass official updates and leaks, follow Gaming Acharya for exclusive gaming updates and content.

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