Overwatch 2 Match Making Broken- What’s Happening?

Overwatch 2 match making broken, match making is affected, and poor matchmaking, the entire matchmaking system of Overwatch 2 is a concern now ever since the servers got crashed.

Also, the increased server queue in Overwatch 2 is also seen as one of the major reasons for the poor matchmaking system, on the other hand for Xbox Overwatch 2 players matchmaking system is not even working.

As last watch Overwatch 2 had server and technical bugs, now Overwatch 2 matchmaking queues are getting worsen, as many Overwatch 2 players feel that the matchmaking system is worse than Overwatch season 1.

Also, many users are confused with the entire matchmaking system in Overwatch 2, some feel the matchmaking system must be competitive, and the rest feel matchmaking queue must be shortened to get the best Overwatch 2 matchmaking system and also be competitive at the same time.

Overwatch 2 Match Making Broken – What’s Happening?

Overwatch 2 Matchmaking Broken

For many Overwatch 2 users the entire matchmaking system has been broken on Xbox and they couldn’t get access to matchmaking, also the unranked gaming mode of Overwatch 2 seems to be having some issues too.

On the other hand, the Overwatch 2 matchmaking system has been increased to accommodate more players, yet the gamers feel that matchmaking system of Overwatch 2 is not competitive at all.

Some need a better matchmaking system in Overwatch 2 with just over 10-20 players with the same level of skills and abilities, some of the Overwatch 2 matchmaking lobbies are also unbalanced and not equal as per the players and users.

More About Overwatch 2 Matchmaking Broken!  

As a result of the matchmaking queue getting increased in Overwatch 2, the concurrent number of players at the same time in Overwatch 2 will also increase, as a result of this players have had to wait before initializing a game in Overwatch 2.

And also as per the team of Overwatch 2, the configurations and settings for the game also increased which resulted in the Overwatch 2 matchmaking broken issues, hopefully, the matchmaking queue on Overwatch 2 will be reduced and shortened further as soon as possible, then one can expect better matchmaking system and queue from Overwatch 2 without any other bugs.

Overwatch 2 Matcham Queue!

Overwatch 2 Match Making Broken

Also, the Overwatch 2 players are in definite need of a better matchmaking ranking system, as some players get the top most Overwatch 2 professional players while the rest get weaker or even bot opponents too.

Hopefully, all the matchmaking system issues in Overwatch 2 get resolved sooner, as already the competitive ranked mode on Overwatch 2 is still finding its way to get better.

Competitive play in Overwatch 2 also needs to be reworked as per the suggestions of some players, as some of them are not even aware of the competitive ranking mode and competitive working mode of Overwatch 2.

So, all the issues related to competitive matchmaking, matchmaking queue, and matchmaking issues need to be fixed from the side of Overwatch 2 as soon as possible.

Hopefully, we get the best Overwatch 2 matchmaking queue and servers for a better gaming experience once the matchmaking broken issues for Xbox get solved sooner.


That’s a wrap from GA for Overwatch 2 matchmaking broken issues. The team of OW2 is working diligently to resolve all the queries related to the game’s matchmaking queue and servers.

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