Destiny 2 Opulent Armor: Is Back?

Destiny 2 Opulent Armor is back in Season of the Plunder? It seems the opulent exotic armor is back once again to the game after a hiatus. Read all about Destiny 2 Opulent Armor here at GA.

The opulent Armor with the shader is set to be coming to Destiny 2 season 18, and the Xur vendor is in the plans to sell the opulent exotic armor weapons to the guardians very soon as per the leaks.

The same season of menagerie opulence armor weapon from Destiny 2 is said to have reinstated this opulent armor once again back to the game through the season of the plunder.

Destiny 2 Opulent Armor: Is Back?

Destiny 2 Opulent Armor

The Opulent scholar robes of legendary rarity have brought on the chest armor to the guardians, the golden and purple color exotic opulent armor is back once again in the game.

We are unsure how to get the opulent armor for Destiny 2 season 18 now, as the weekly Xur vendor merchant might sell this item as next week rotation for the guardians.

The Xur vendor usually sells only the exotic items and weapon guns, now let’s see what does the Xur merchant going to sell for Destiny 2 week 8.

List of Opulent Armor Items in Destiny 2 Season 18!  

Some of the vintage opulent exotic items from Destiny 2 will all be available this time too,

– Opulent Stalker Grips

– Opulent Stalker Mask

– Opulent Stalker Strides

– Opulent Stalker Vest

– Opulent Stalker Strides

– Opulent Stalker Cloak

– Opulent Scholar Robes

– Opulent Duelist Greaves

– Opulent Duelist Helm

– Opulent Duelist Plate

– Opulent Duelist Gauntlets

– Opulent Scholar Boots

– Opulent Scholar Hood

All these are expected to be the opulent Armor drops from the Xur vendor for Destiny 2 season 18. The opulent Armor items for season of the plunder will also be available in all 3 classes Hunter, Warlock and Titan.

More info about the opulent exotic items for Destiny 2 season 18 is expected to be seen later.

How to get the Opulent Armor in Destiny 2 Season of the Plunder? 

Destiny 2 Opulent Armor

As we already discussed, all the opulent items will be coming to sale on the Destiny 2 shop, or else the Xur vendor merchant’s next week location and weapons will include all of these opulent armor weapons.

The price of these new exclusive opulent armor items from Destiny 2 season 18 is not known yet.

More on Destiny 2 Opulent Armor! 

The opulent armor items aren’t gonna be available as drops, but the week 8 vendor items from the Xur merchant for Destiny 2 season 18 will bring these Opulent Armor to all the guardians.

The Xur merchant was at the tower region for last week in season of the plunder, apart from the opulent armor items, chroma rush and enigmas draw are some of the other weapon guns for the weekly drop from Xur vendor merchant at the tower.

So what’s the confirmed news is that the menagerie opulence armor is once again back to the season of plunder from Bungie, we will get to know more info about this opulent armor soon and will post it at our handle officially.


Destiny 2 Opulent Armor : Is Back? article at Gaming Acharya has been completed, all new Xur merchant locations, Opulent Armor items for Destiny 2 season 18, how to get the opulent armor in season of the plunder are all done.

Stay tuned with us for more updates about the opulent armor in Destiny 2 season of plunder officially and more week 8 seasonal quest and challenges updates here officially.

Follow us for more gaming updates, once more updates about the opulent exotic armor weapon are available, we shall update it here for you all. Till then check out on our other gaming articles.

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