BGMI x BoBoiBoy Collaboration, Leaks and New Characters

Tencent has launched a new relationship with BoBoiBoy, a well-known Malaysian cartoon character. Check out the whole information on the upcoming BGMI x BoBoiBoy Collaboration in this exclusive and interesting article from Gaming Acharya. Mobile has officially confirmed an upcoming collaboration with Animonsta Studios’ Malaysian cartoon character BoBoiBoy. BGMI announced the partnership earlier today with a video posted to their social media accounts. 

BGMI x BoBoiBoy Collaboration, Leaks and New Characters

All You Need to Know about BGMI x BoBoiBoy Collaboration 

Tencent is continually launching new collaborations and partnerships with well-known brands and personalities. These partnerships offer new material, skins, and features to the game that revolve on the relationship. The BGMI x BoBoiBoy collaboration film teased a future outfit and new skins in the game. Players will be able to get the outfit and skins through the in-game event center in the near future. 

Article Name BGMI 2.3 Update Release Date
Name of the Game BGMI Mobile
Type of the Game Multiplayer Survival Game
Launched on 23 March 2017
Name of the developer KRAFTON, BGMI Corporation, Tencent Games, KRAFTON, Inc.
BGMI 2.3 Update Release Date 19th November 2022
Official Website BGMI India
BGMI 2.3 APK Size 1.91 GB


The BGMI 2.2 Update is now available in the game, adding new features, maps, and other improvements. Players may now improve their game and explore the new scenery and features. Watch for further BGMI announcements on this relationship in the coming future. The collaboration between BGMI and BoBoiBoy is one of several local collaborations set to launch this year. In this collaboration, players may use the exclusive BoBoiBoy 3D parachute, clothing, and cap to launch into combat. 

BGMI x BoBoiBoy Collaboration Leaks 

What You Need to Know About the BGMI x BoBoiBoy Collaboration- BGMI is continually aiming to supply us with the best material, and Krafton will present us with an altogether new collaboration this time. BGMI will shortly collaborate with BoboiBoy, a prominent Malaysian animation studio. Players may expect some unusual happenings as well as the chance to use superpowers in this future relationship. Continue reading to find out more about this collaboration. 

BGMI x BoBoiBoy Collaboration, Leaks and New Characters

BGMI x BoBoiBoy Collaboration Updates 2022 

As evidenced by the tweet, you, too, can be a superhero. Simply put, Krafton has a lot in store for us in our next collaboration. All BoBoiBoy fans are in luck, since this collaboration will also contain a new voice of the primary character proclaiming “Power Knows No Age.” The partnership will begin in October of 2022. 

Users will receive a variety of great items as a result of the collaboration, including BoBoiBoy parachutes, clothing, and other intriguing items. Furthermore, this is only one of numerous collaborations planned by Krafton for this year. So stay up with the game and enjoy all of the new content. 

Also, remember to follow us for future updates. The BGMI x BoBoiBoy collaboration will extend beyond Malaysia to Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. This is the first Malaysian collaboration that has been published in a number of Southeast Asian countries. 

The collaboration between BGMI and MONSTA is one of several local collaborations set to launch this year. Stay tuned for further details on the collaboration. 

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