PUBG Mobile x BoBoiBoy Collaboration, Leaks and New Characters

Tencent has announced a new partnership with a well-known Malaysian cartoon character named BoBoiBoy. Check out the full details of the forthcoming PUBG Mobile x BoBoiBoy Collaboration. Mobile has officially announced forthcoming cooperation with the Malaysian cartoon character BoBoiBoy made by Animonsta Studios. PUBG Mobile announced the relationship earlier today with a clip on their social media channels.

All about PUBG Mobile x BoBoiBoy Collaboration 2022

All You Need to Know about PUBG Mobile x BoBoiBoy Collaboration

Tencent is constantly introducing new collaborations and partnerships with well-known companies and characters. These collaborations provide additional content, skins, and other features to the game that are focused around the relationship. The trailer for the PUBGM x BoBoiBoy partnership previewed the future outfit and additional skins in the game. Players will soon be able to obtain the outfit and skins through the in-game event center.


Article Name PUBG 2.3 Update Release Date
Name of the Game PUBG Mobile
Type of the Game Multiplayer Survival Game
Launched on 23 March 2017
Name of the developer KRAFTON, PUBG Corporation, Tencent Games, KRAFTON, Inc.
PUBG 2.3 Update Release Date 19th November 2022
Official Website PUBG Mobile
PUBG 2.3 APK Size 1.91 GB


PUBG Mobile 2.2 Update has now gone live in the game, bringing new features, maps, and more to the game. Players may now upgrade the game and begin exploring the new environment and features. Keep an eye out for additional PUBG Mobile x BoBoiBoy announcements about this relationship in the near future. The cooperation between PUBG Mobile x BoBoiBoy is one of several local partnerships slated to debut this year. Players may leap into the battlefield utilizing the special BoBoiBoy 3D parachute, outfit, and cap in this partnership.

PUBG Mobile x BoBoiBoy Collaboration Leaks

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the PUBG Mobile x BoBoiBoy Collaboration- PUBG Mobile is constantly striving to provide us with the greatest content, and this time Krafton will provide us with an entirely new cooperation. PUBG Mobile will soon partner with BoboiBoy, a popular Malaysian animation. In this future partnership, players can expect some unique occurrences as well as the ability to employ superpowers. Continue reading to learn more about this cooperation.

PUBG Mobile has always been fantastic at providing us with new and intriguing stuff. This time, the creators are preparing an extraordinary partnership with a Malaysian cartoon known as Boboiboy. If you are unfamiliar with this animation, it is about a youngster who uses alien technology and transforms into a superhero to rescue the earth from aliens addicted to cocoa beans.

All about PUBG Mobile x BoBoiBoy Collaboration 2022

PUBG Mobile x BoBoiBoy Collaboration Updates 2022

As you can see from the tweet, you, too, can be a superhero. Simply said, Krafton has a lot in store for us in this impending cooperation. All BoBoiBoy lovers are in luck, since this cooperation will also include a new voice of the lead character declaring ‘Power Knows No Age.’ The collaboration will be launched in October 2022.

In partnership, users will receive numerous fantastic stuff such as BoBoiBoy parachutes, clothes, and many other interesting things. Furthermore, this is simply one of several collaborations planned for this year by Krafton. So make sure to keep up with the game and enjoy all of the new material. Also, don’t forget to follow us for more future updates. 

Beyond Malaysia, the PUBG MOBILE x BoBoiBoy cooperation will include Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. This is the first Malaysian collaboration to be published in numerous Southeast Asian nations.

The cooperation between PUBG MOBILE and MONSTA is one of several local partnerships slated to debut this year. Stay tuned for further information on the cooperation. 

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