PUBG 2.3 Update Release Date, Leaks, Patch Notes!

PUBG 2.3 Update release date, leaks, features, and all PUBG 2.3 reward lists are here from us. PUBG 2.3 will conclude all the updates for this year in 2022 and the 2.3 update version of PUBG will also be the game’s 6th update for the year.

As per the leaks PUBG, PUBG lite, and PUBG Mobile 2.3 update are expected to be released on November 13th, yes nov 13th in 2022 is gonna be the PUBG 2.3 version update official release date.

Though BGMI is banned in India, BGMI 2.3 update is not possible, yet Tencent has different plans for PUBG and PUBG Mobile next update version which is the 2.3 patch update version.

PUBG 2.3 Update Release Date, Leaks, Patch Notes!

PUBG 2.3 Update Release Date

So with the official release date of PUBG 2.3 update version being confirmed for Nov 13th, 2022, over this time period the current PUBG M16 Royal Pass will also conclude on 19th Nov 2022.

Then the next Cycle 3 Season 9 PUBG pass which is the M17 Royale Pass will be out, the M17 Royale Pass release date for PUBG is touted to be on the very next day which is 20th, Nov 2022.

Article Name PUBG 2.3 Update Release Date
Name of the Game PUBG Mobile
Type of the Game Multiplayer Survival Game
Launched on 23 March 2017
Name of the developer KRAFTON, PUBG Corporation, Kakao Games, Xbox Game Studios, Tencent Games, KRAFTON, Inc.
PUBG 2.3 Update Release Date 19th November 2022
Official Website PUBG Mobile
PUBG 2.3 APK Size 1.91 GB

PUBG 2.3 Update Patch Notes Leaks!  

As per leaks some of the expected PUBG 2.3 Features could be,

– New Guns M417, MK20, M220, Honey Badger, New Sniper Rifle

– Bike Turning Animation

– 4 Seater Vehicles

– C4 Explosive Grenade Launcher

– Sanhok with Remastered Version

– PUBG x Emita Lotus

– PUBG x Adidas

– Blue Zone Grenade

– New Green Helmet

– Military Green Skin

PUBG 2.3 Update Rewards, Updates & Features!  

Some of the other new additions and updates to the PUBG 2.3 update version could be in the form of,

– A new snow map region

– New Ice Skating

– Brand New Yellow Color Jeep

– Heavy Damage Sniper Rifle

– Two New Boats

All about PUBG Mobile x BoBoiBoy Collaboration 2022
PUBG 2.3 Update

More PUBG 2.3 Rewards & Leaks!

– Many Pistols & Shot Guns

– New Pink Emote & Outfits

– Legendary Sisters Parachute

– New Weapon Gun Skins

– Butterfly Fighter Outfits

– AKM Skins

– DJ Dancer Set

– Glorious Ruins Helmets

– War Visage Smoke Grenade Skins

– Masked Crusader Head Gear

– Cupid Ornaments

– Silver Fragments

All these are the expected PUBG 2.3 update leaks, rewards, and features, however, more official information about PUBG 2.3 update rewards, leaks, and features will be updated in the coming days from Tencent.

Apart from the features and leaks for PUBG 2.3, the gameplay and visuals of the game will be enhanced now, hopefully, a bug-free PUBG 2.3 gaming experience awaits us all.

PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite 2.3 Update Release Date!

release date of PUBG 2.3 update

PUBG Lite & PUBG Mobile 2.3 release date is the same as the PUBG 2.3 update release date, hence Nov 13th is the release date for PUBG Mobile 2.3 update version, and also the same date is the release date for PUBG Lite 2.3 update version.

Also, the leaked rewards, updates, and features of PUBG 2.3 update are gonna be the PUBG Mobile & PUBG Lite Version 2.3 patch update game version leaks and features too.

How to Download PUBG 2.3 Update Version? 

As always PUBG users may download the game’s PUBG 2.3 update version from Google Play Store, or App Store, or else download and install PUBG 2.3 update as Apk from websites that will be over 700 MB.

Will BGMI 2.3 Update Come Out & Release Officially? 

As all PUBG, PUBG Mobile and PUBG lite fans are celebrating the game with regular M16 Royale Pass rewards, 2.3 update leaks, and the next lined up PUBG 2.3 M17 Royale Pass rewards, it’s unfortunate for all the Indian BGMI gamers, users and players for now.

As Krafton is yet to bring BGMI to the Indian PUBG fans, BGMI 2.3 won’t be released too. Hopefully, Krafton brings up the 2.0 BGMI game to the stores sooner.

That’s a wrap to our article at GA about the PUBG 2.3 patch update version, PUBG 2.3 update version release date, PUBG 2.3 leaks, features, rewards, and updates with the official PUBG 2.3 update patch notes are provided here now.

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