Destiny 2 Shaper 2 Challenge- Full Guide to Complete Shaper II Seasonal Challenge!

Destiny 2 Shaper 2 challenge has been listed under the week 7 challenges of Season of the Plunder, apart from the Shaper 2 challenge, Destiny 2 season 18 week 6 has seven more seasonal challenges which gets added to the total tally of 7.

As Destiny 2 Season 18 is inching toward its conclusion, now the Week 7 seasonal challenges are up in front of the guardians to take on.

The major objective for this Shaper 2 challenge is to “Level Seasonal Shaped weapons to level 10”, whilst on successful accomplishment of the shaper 2 challenge will bestow you with the repute and challenger XP+, here’s the complete guide to finishing the Destiny 2 Shaper 2 seasonal challenge easily at your GA.

Destiny 2 Shaper 2 Challenge Guide!

Destiny 2 Shaper II

To start with the shaper 2 seasonal challenge, Guardians must make sure to level up three of the crafted seasonal weapons and upgrade them to level 10 to proceed to shaper 2.

And the current season 18 weapons of Destiny 2 will only be allowed for this Shaper 2 week 7 seasonal challenge, then craft the available 3 weapons to upgrade it to level 10, craft your preferred weapon,

Farm them to vanguard ops and shuro chi, then make sure to do the same set of processes again until the crafted weapons get upgraded to level 10 finally, farming the vanguard ops can sometimes be tricky, so always be watchful and tentative when you farm the vanguard OPS.

Destiny 2 Shaper II Quest!

Leveling three of the Ketchcrash or expedition weapons from Destiny 2 season 18 will be advisable to easily complete this Shaper II seasonal quest.

Apart from upgrading these crafter seasonal weapon guns for this Shaper 2, all these weapons also get the best stats and abilities for Destiny 2 coming seasons.

So that’s how the Destiny 2 Shaper II week 7 seasonal quest and challenges get completed easily, as going by the Shaper 2 quest objective itself, one must just level up their crafted seasonal weapons to that of level 10 finally and complete this objective.

Destiny 2 Shaper II Week 7 Seasonal Challenge Rewards!

Destiny 2 Shaper 2 seasonal challenge

The rewards are simple for this Destiny 2 Shaper II quest, complete the Shaper 2 challenge and get your rewards of 25,000 XP and Repute in addition.

As so many week 7 Destiny 2 season 18 challenges are available, you will be getting similar rewards like this Shaper 2.

If there are more rewards for shaper 2 challenge from Bungie, we will post you with the same here. But Destiny 2 week 7 seasonal quests are more in numbers, as 7 seasonal quests including this Shaper II should definitely be giving you out more rewards.

Mode on Shaper II Challenge in Destiny 2 Season 18!  

For finishing the shaper 2 quest easily, it’s always better to upgrade all sets of Destiny 2 season of the plunder weapons then and there, such that all of your crafted seasonal weapons can be upgraded to level 10 easily during this shaper II mission.

That’s how this whole process of shaper 2 challenge in Destiny 2 gets done easily, with this guide from us at GA, you can complete shaper 2 seasonal challenge easily now, and get over 25,000 XP as your coveted reward from Bungie.


The other week 7 seasonal challenges for Destiny 2 season of the Plunder are, Antiquarian VII, Efficient Expedition, Closing In, Underhanded, Grandmaster, and Fleeting Glory.

All these week 7 Destiny 2 season 18 quests give away many rewards, XP, and are also listed with random mission objectives from Bungie. That’s a wrap to the Destiny 2 Shaper Challenge from GA, watch out for our space for more gaming articles and content here exclusively.

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