How to Unlock Overwatch 2 Competitive Play Challenge

New players who open Overwatch 2 on or after October fourth should go through what Snowstorm alludes to as a directed First Time Client Experience. This lengthy tutorial, characterized as a progressive onboarding procedure, is intended to familiarize users to the game by granting them access to modes and Overwatch 2 characters gradually. 

How to Unlock Overwatch 2 Competitive Play Challenge

Overwatch 2 competitive play is not instantly available to new players as part of the FTUE. Original Overwatch players who return after October 4th will not have to go through these processes to enable Competitive Play. 

This mainly affects accounts made on or after the October fourth delivery date: every individual who has Competitive opened already will approach Competitive in Overwatch 2,’ Snowstorm said. 

How to Unlock Overwatch 2 Competitive Play Challenge 

To empower competitive play, players should finish the FTUE and a particular challenge. Instead of the original Overwatch’s player level deciding entrance to competitive play, entrants must play and win 50 Quick Play games. Blizzard’s reasoning is that these 50 games will provide novice players the time and experience they need to achieve the greater demands of competitive matches. 

Veteran players, on the other hand, will not feel punished for having a newcomer with little to no playing experience on their squad. The conditions for enabling Overwatch 2 competitive play may be found under Challenges. 

Click on Challenges from the fundamental menu, then Competitive from the determinations at the highest point of the screen. What Modes Contribute to the Overwatch 2 Competitive Play Challenge Just Fast Play modes add to opening Overwatch 2 Competitive mode. These modes incorporate Escort, Push, Control, and Half and half. 

Because only Quick Play victories count to unlocking Competitive Play, the vast majority of new players are likely to play significantly more than 50 games before earning access to ranked. 

How to Unlock Overwatch 2 Competitive Play Challenge

Overwatch 2 Competitive Play Challenge Skill 

Tiers Overwatch 2 will no longer have numerical skill ratings. Snowstorm took that choice “to reduce the sensation of being stuck at a particular level Seeing your SR vary after each match felt practically like stepping through an exam, with the instructor passing or bombing you relying upon every individual inquiry as opposed to your general presentation. 

It was a ton of strain, and it doesn’t give players a genuine image of their general presentation in Competitive.” While the Overwatch levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Precious stone, Expert, and Excellent Expert) will remain, they will presently each have five levels. One is the most noteworthy and five is the least. 

So Terrific Expert 1 is at the extreme top. Every division is generally like 100 SR, besides as opposed to losing or procuring SR after each game, you’ll get a Competitive update after each seven triumphs or 20 losses. 

This will show your advancement and move you to the following division. Rather than zeroing in on every individual game, the objective is to delineate your advancement over the long haul. In any case, you can not notice other players’ Competitive ability levels on the pre-match screen. This is done to reduce pre-match prejudice concerning another player’s ability level. 

You’ll be able to see a player’s skill tiers if their profile is visible. The top 500 leaderboards will not alter significantly. They will still be divided by input pool (controller vs. mouse and keyboard). Only after completing 25 games for a specific role in Role Queue or 50 games in Open Queue will you have a chance to feature on the leaderboard. The leaderboards will be available two weeks after each season begins. 

Overwatch 2 Competitive Play Challenge Rewards 

You will continue to collect Overwatch 2 Competitive Play Challenge Points, which may be used to purchase Golden Guns for all heroes (each one costs 3,000 points). You’ll get 10 CP for a victory and three CP for a tie. You’ll also receive additional Overwatch 2 Competitive Play points at the conclusion of each season, but only for the highest skill tier you achieved in Role Queue and Open Queue. 

Those who reach the Top 500 leaderboards will also receive other awards. Instead of unique sprays and symbols, you will receive a name card to put on your profile. You’ll be able to utilize this to demonstrate your level in a particular season. Of course, because this is a live service game, Blizzard will alter and expand the Overwatch 2 Competitive Play mode over time. 

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