Light Fest 2022 event FF- Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 All Info!

‍Light Fest 2022 Event FF is round the corner now, one of the biggest Diwali events probably for all the gamers should be this Free Fire Diwali event 2022, the Diwali event in Free Fire is all set to commence from October 15th and will run till the end of October 2022.

As of now, the Free Fire OB36 event update is awaited to share more about this ff Diwali 2022 event free rewards and more leaks. The Free Fire Diwali event tokens are fire rocket, golden tiger tokens, firecracker, and a lot more are set to be known soon from Garena.

Also, the FF Diwali event holds, a free bundle, weapon skins, melee, and gun skins, so this web Diwali event on Free Fire 2022 is sure to be an exciting one for all the FF gamers, with spins you may get all your favorite and rare items in the Free Fire Diwali event.

Diwali Pass, Diwali call back event, and the free magic cubes are the other major gifts, which will be available to all the Free Fire gamers during the Diwali event in October 2022.

Light Fest 2022 Event FF – Release Date!

Light Fest 2022 Event FF

The Garena Free Fire light Fest Diwali event for all the Indian free fire users and gamers will be commencing on October 15th and will last till the end of Oct 2022, which shall be known officially soon.

The Diwali light Fest event will also be releasing a new theme named the “Light Fest” once the event starts on Free Fire officially.

Light Fest Event Free Fire – Diwali Event 2022 Free Rewards in FF! 

The Free Fire Diwali Event and Light Fest event 2022 rewards which are free are available here,

A new emote, magic cube, backpack animated skin, fire rocket token, firecracker token, golden tiger new token, granade skin, new fist skin, parachute skin, bat guitar skin

These are all the Free Fire light fest event free rewards and items for 2022, more ff light fest event rewards will be known officially once the OB36 ff update rolls out officially from Garena.

Light Fest Diwali Event 2022 More Leaks! 

Light Fest 2022 Event FF

As said the Diwali pass which will be exclusively launched during the Free Fire Diwali light fest 2022 event, it will also bring on the gloo wall, gun and weapon skins, diamonds, and a lot more rewards. Booyah event on ff will be held close to the light fest event in Free Fire, the magic cube is the most expected gift of light fest event.

Free Emote, Light Fest-themed skins, airplane, air drop, and loading screen will make the ff light fest event a memorable one for the gamers of Free Fire. All these are expected to be the major highlights from the leaked Diwali fest event rewards list, the Diwali Wish event Free Fire 2022 is another thing that can be expected soon too, the Diwali wish event in Free Fire will be more on rewards and challenges.

That’s everything we know about the light fest 2022 event Free Fire, for sure the Free Fire Diwali event 2022 is going to be reaching more heights amongst all the Indian Garena Free Fire users, hopefully, more info about the same in the coming days soon.

We will also be sharing more leaks, updates, and info on the Free Fire light fest and Diwali event 2022 in the coming days, as the game’s OB36 patch updates will also bring several new leaks for this Diwali fest event on ff.

Keep watching this space for more Free Fire Diwali events and Light Fest 2022 event leaks officially in the coming days. Stay tuned for our next article. Also, do check out our other articles which are mentioned below too.

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