Free Fire Shiba Party Event 2022 Details & Rewards!

Garena Free Fire Shiba Party Event 2022 is live now, many items from the ff Shiba party event will grant free rewards to the players, M1014, Chaotic puppy bundle, Shiba surf are some of the reward items from the Free Fire Shiba Party event 2022.

Also, the specialty of the M1014 – Dog at Hand is that when the gun fires a special sound effect will be made, so use this puppy firing gun from Free Fire Shiba Party event 2022.

The shibas are the hunting dogs category basically, so all the original shiba dogs and pets are making their way through this Free Fire shiba party event, here’s full info at GA on Free Fire Shiba Party Event 2022.

Free Fire Shiba Party Event – All Details!

Free Fire Shiba Party Event

The new Garena Free Fire Max shiba party event for India and the Free Fire shiba party for other servers are happening now, for the Indonesian Free Fire servers, the calendar shiba party event is happening.

The shiba party event from Free Fire Max is got all pet and dog lovers, as a bunch of pet items and bundles will be available throughout the shiba party event 2022.

All Free Fire Shiba Party Rewards! 

Here are the exclusive reward items from the Shiba party event in Free Fire,

– Gloo Wall – Winter Shiba 

– Bubble pup parachute

-Hungry doge loot box

– Shy shiba mask

– Shiba Surf

– M1014 – Dog at Hand

– Evil Husky Mask

– Chaotic Puppy Bundle

All these have been included as the shiba party rewards from the Garena Free Fire event, though the price listing for the pet bundle is unavailable, yet some of the shiba party calendar event items and rewards are completely available for free.

More on Free Fire Shiba Party Event 2022!  

Free Fire Shiba Party Event

All of the shiba party items have some special abilities and powers on Free Fire, for eg the M1014 has sound effects, and the dog gun will be the best reward from this shiba party.

The shy shiba mask can be used for deceiving opponents, whilst the winter shiba is the original shiba dog, and the chaotic puppy bundle has a couple of wild dogs.

The hungry dog loot box will have more winter dogs, the bubble pup parachute can be used to fly aerial. Likewise more Shiba Party accessories are available throughout this event from Free Fire Max, so the Free Fire Max shiba party event is all about puppy and dog rewards for the players, but only also for a limited time.

The Free Fire max shiba party event is expected to hold till October 10th for now, till then get all the puppy and dog bundle free items from Garena. The Winter dogs and M1014 dog guns are the major expected rewards from Free Fire shiba party. Hopefully, more items from the Free Fire max shiba party will be up for sale with more dog accessories and bundle.


That’s a wrap from GA for Free Fire Shiba Party Event 2022, all details and rewards of the shiba party event are shared with you all. Stay tuned for more info from Garena for this shiba party event 2022 article.

Till then check out our other gaming content and articles, stay tuned for more exclusive Free Fire updates and more info. Follow us on our other social media pages to stay updated with all the Esports news and updates.

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