Small Shoal In The Whispering Woods: Where To Find?

Small Shoal In The Whispering Woods is one of the hints of Fecund Blessings, which we are going to see about where we can find it and how to get it. King Deshret as well as the Three Magi, a 3.1 update from Genshin Impact, was released. Primogems are available as payment for such maintenance time. The upgrade adds additional characters, domains, tools, and other things. We can earn rewards by completing new Archon and narrative objectives as well.

The Cyno’s Story Quest and the updated Archon Quest Chapter III acts are included in this. Find all Eight Fecund Blessings Notes or treasure chests there In Feast in Full Swing to complete a game event. A small shoal in the Whispering Woods is one of the hints. During Fecund Blessings on Genshin Impact, a Small shoal may be found inside the Whispering Woods next to Cider Lake.

What Is Small Shoal In The Whispering Woods?

Small Shoal In The Whispering Woods

These deep and dense woods are traversed by a narrow road. Travelers frequently mistook the wind-blown leaves’ fluttering sound for whispers in this location. For this reason, they began calling it Whispering Woods. Near Starfell Lake as well as the City of Mondstadt, in Starfell Valley, Mondstadt, lies a subdivision known as Whispering Woods. It is the place where Venti and Dvalin and the Traveler first cross paths.

Where Is The Location Of Small Shoal In The Whispering Woods?

In the Whispering Woods, close to Cider Lake, there is a little shoal where a pier is situated. There is where I’ve set my gift. It’s a bit of a rocky path there, so take care not to trip or trip. Starting at the Statue of a Seven in Starfell Valley, they move past the “old battered cart” and along the route until they come to a pack of Crimson Foxes close to the shoal. Avoid coming into contact with any foes nearby and turn right from the Small shoal in the Whispering Woods to find the hamper.

How To Get Small Shoal In The Whispering Woods?

The Small Shoal In The Whispering Woods. We need to teleport to “Statues of Seven Anemo” in Starfell Valley, Mondstadt, in order to locate “Small shoal inside the Whispering Woods” in Genshin Impact.

When we arrive, move southwest until you come to Whispering Woods and the treasure. “Small shoal in the Whispering Woods” location by the lake at Whispering Woods. In Whispering Woods, adjacent to a dock, the treasure box is situated close to the lake.

Rewards To Get In Small Shoal In The Whispering Woods:-

The final hamper is hidden in a tiny shoal of Whispering Woods. Two Agnidus Agate Fragments, 20,000 Mora, and the shop component “Storefront Furnishing: Please, Have The Meal” are the rewards for collecting the last hamper.

• Storefront Furnishing: Please, Enjoy Your Meal

• Mora x20,000

• Agnidus Agate Fragment x2

Small Shoal In The Whispering Woods

Related: Fecund Blessings Hampers:-

A Fecund Hamper is a present made by locals for privileged visitors during the festival. In addition to welcome Lord Barbatos back, the inhabitants of Mondstadt want to celebrate the crop and remember happy times. Everyone wraps a gift in a barrel-shaped wooden box and hides it somewhere that has special memories for them, providing hints as to where it is. Whoever is the first to locate the box will always receive the gift. The blessing note, which is frequently seen to be more valuable than that of the actual gift, is also included in the boxes.

Both the event menu and the notice board adjacent to Sister Annette provides the same information on where various NPCs stashed their Fecund Hampers, so you can start your search there. Click the “go to challenge” button to continue. Similar to how a bounty draws attention to a target area, this does the same. A treasure chest indicator directs you straight to the Fecund Hamper when it appears on a mini map as you approach one.

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