Orchid Mantis Kebab Location Grounded 2022

The Grounded Mantis Kebab is required to summon the Orchid Mantis Kebab Location Grounded monster, and the recipe can be discovered in the Northeast yard’s Stump Lab Outpost. The lab, then again, must be open by finding a shut entryway confronting upwards, which must be opened by getting to a button in the Lake, which must be gotten to by killing the Associate Chief – it’s a long and troublesome technique. 

Orchid Mantis Kebab Location Grounded

Orchid Mantis Kebab Location Grounded

To set up the Orchid Mantis Kebab Location Grounded, you’ll require the recipe, which can be found in the Stump Lab Station inside the Tree Stump in the Upper Yard’s upper east corner. However, you probably won’t be able to go inside just yet; getting there reveals a door standing upright, but anybody who gets to open it will most likely find it locked. That is the first of many challenges to overcome.

How to Unlock Orchid Mantis Kebab Location Grounded

An undersea outpost in the Pond, a flooded portion distinct from the main Pond Lab, controls the Stump Lab entrance remotely. You must also have murdered the Assistant Manager, which can be located in the Black Anthill Lab, as detailed in our article on what to do after the Orchid Mantis Kebab Location Grounded Hedge Lab. However, if you’ve reached the Upper Yard, you’ve very definitely already done that, and more crucially, you’ve obtained his keycard.

Take the keycard to the underwater outpost, whose hatch is built into the Pond’s southern side. As you go, you’ll see a large red button beneath live CCTV video – click it to unlock the closed door to the Stump Lab Outpost, which you’ll see on the CCTV. You still need to enter the lab now that you’ve opened it. 

How to get inside Orchid Mantis Kebab Location Grounded

The Stump Lab Outpost’s entrance is set into the earth at the exact center of the tree stump’s base. It’s a hazardous place, with roving ticks and even a few Grounded Spiders – specifically, wolf spiders. The entrance is quite obvious – a cylinder of white set into the ground – but climbing on top of it is more difficult.

Climb up the stump surrounding it and float down with a dandelion fluff, or make several rapid steps to get to the door immediately. The Stump Lab is built on perilous platforming, thus you must ensure that you can descend without quickly dying.

Orchid Mantis Kebab Location Grounded

How to get out of Orchid Mantis Kebab Location Grounded

The Orchid Mantis Kebab Location Grounded has a trick up its sleeve: it’s fallen upon its side, making navigating difficult. To get to further rooms, you’ll have to walk on the walls and climb up the floor. There are no adversaries down here, but the platforming is VERY challenging and sometimes irritating; it’s simple to miss your target or hit your head on anything to change your direction. Here’s a quick guide to getting around.

  • Jump down the hallway and float down with a dandelion fluff, gathering Raw Science along the way.
  • When you land, walk straight ahead and over the closed “A” door. A glass divider stands ahead, and just under it is a folder labeled “Mantis Research Note.” Pick them up to acquire the recipe for Orchid Mantis Kebab Location Grounded.
  • Unfortunately, you’re now imprisoned, you can’t escape the way you came in. Use the roots and terminals to climb right up along the floor (it’s disorienting) until you reach the Milk Molar passage above.
  • Drop down into the next chamber and interact with the computer on the far wall.
  • You must now use roots and terminals to climb back up and return to the original room.
  • The door you passed through is now open. Drop down through it, and you’ll find a BURGL chip along the way.
  • Then enter Raw Science through the hole in the floor that seems to be a wall.

This will lead you into a cavern, with climbing chambers on the left leading back up to the Stump, just adjacent to the entrance. You now have the recipe for Mantis Kebab! And this shouldn’t be too difficult to make, right?

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