All Gunpowder Clump Location Grounded 2022!

Here are all the gunpowder clump location Grounded 2022 guide & pathway. As everyone knows the gunpowder clumps are one of the best Grounded resources nodes, finding the gunpowder clumps is made easy at the northern upper yard in Grounded.

The gunpowder clumps resources are always available from the drops of Pop Caps in Grounded, which is also at the same northeast regions of upper yard in Grounded.

Before you equip the gun power clumps from pop cap in Grounded, take any hammers or termite axe to break the pop cap and get some drops of gun powder clump resources 2022 in Grounded.

All Guide to Gunpowder Clump Location Grounded – Gunpowder Clumps & Pop Caps Locations!

All Gunpowder Clump Location Grounded

As both gunpowder and pop caps location in Grounded are at the similar regions of the upper yard, finding them is not a rocket science.

How & Where to Find Gunpowder Clumps, Pop Caps in Grounded 2022! 

So to earn a pile of gunpowder clumps 2022 in Grounded, get ready with the best hammers, insect hammer, termite axe and a lot of weapons to get the best set of these natural resources and items in the game, which are the pop caps & gunpowder clumps.

Locate yourselves to the northern upper yard region on Grounded by passing through all the oak Lab, Stump Lab Outpost, Gardens, Ponds, Rock Wall etc to get to the upper yard to yield some gunpowder clumps.

These gunpowder clumps natural resources nodes are always at the north eastern region on the upper yard, find the pop caps at the ground, rock walls, grass, under water, near some trees,

as more numbers of pop caps are always available to get the gunpowder clumps resources in Grounded.

More About Gunpowder Clumps 2022 in Grounded!

All Gunpowder Clump Location Grounded

Once you find out the pop caps at the above mentioned gun clumps locations on Grounded, use either insect hammer or termite axe, else the tier 3 axe to get the tier 1 natural resources and items like pop caps and gunpowder clumps over here.

So after breaking the Grounded pop caps at the upper yard areas, you will be getting major drops of gunpowder clumps which are used as flammable objects, natural resources and explosive objects for the battles.

Gunpowder Clumps in Grounded! 

The majority of the pop caps locations from Grounded seem to be available at the upper yard area itself, where exploring through the regions like rock walls, upper grasslands, moldorc highlands, near trees, and even get the pop caps from the buster cap gun.

Explore through all these grounded regions to easily get the gunpowder clumps and pop caps, the gunpowder clumps items are not limited at all as they are available to earn more than 5 in Grounded.

So chop the pop caps in Grounded which in return produce a lot of gunpowder clumps which are the best tier 3 natural resources items,

as the source for gunpowder clumps in Grounded are only these pop caps drops from the northern upper yard.

Then use the gunpowder clumps as other objects, flammable items, and explosives in Grounded with the other best hammers and axes too.


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