How to Use Overwolf Minimap in New World 2022

Have you ever felt that you were a victim of poor game design decisions? That is definitely the situation for Amazon’s Overwolf Minimap in New World gamers who are experiencing issues tracking down stuff because of the absence of an in-game minimap.

However, thanks to the inventiveness of two gamers, we now have an unauthorized add-on that provides us with the minimap we require to better find items. In this way, we should examine the Overwolf Minimap in New World Addon, how to get it, and what it incorporates going ahead.

How to Use Overwolf Minimap in New World

What is the Overwolf Minimap in New World?

The New World Overwolf Minimap in New World Addon adds a minimap to the game, permitting players to have a consistent on-screen guide to assist them with finding items and show them what ways they need to go to get to their objective.

Reddit user u/morbrid and a buddy made the addon. Morbid demonstrated the map and how it aids him in resource collection in a video. The major features of the addon allow players to keep track of what chests, ores, essences, herbs, crafting stations, sites of interest, and other items they have, as well as map data from the new global map.

As per the addons portrayal, there will be further usefulness including what’s to come.

How to Download the Overwolf Minimap in New World?

Here’s How to Use Overwolf Minimap in New World:

  • Go to Overwolf’s website first.
  • Click the upper left icon to open the sidebar, then select “Gamers” from the drop-down menu, and then select “Appstore.”
  • Click the search button and enter “new world minimap.”
  • Then, at that point, find the addon and press the Download button.
  • Alternatively, you may view the addon on the website by clicking this link.

How to Use Overwolf Minimap in New World

How to Install and Use the Overwolf Minimap in New World

  • You simply introduce the addon in the wake of downloading it.
  • Send off New World, then trust that the game will stack for the minimap to show up.
  • By pressing the “+” and “-” icons on the map, you may zoom in and out of the map.
  • The guide is draggable, so you might put it any place you like on your screen.
  • At the point when you click the stuff symbol, the choices menu for the addon shows up.
  • You may alter the size and form of the map in the options menu (circle or square)
  • You may also examine the hotkeys, such as Zoom In/Out and Show/Hide Minimap, and reassign the keys.
  • You may select which markers to display, such as Chests, Documents, Plants, and others.
  • Finally, Position Data Collection finds your location on the globe map. To use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) option, you must select the “Show FPS” option, which is near the bottom of your “Visuals” options.

Can Overwolf Minimap in New World get you banned?

Unfortunately, the answer is “yes.” Zaphkiell, an Amazon customer support agent, stated on the New World forum, “This type of mods or addons are not authorized.” So, if EAC detects it, or if you are discovered doing this type of thing within the game, you may be punished.” “If an external software offers you any type of advantage, even the most minor benefit, do you believe that’s fair?” Zaphkiell continues.

While it is unfortunate to read that the addon is against their CoC despite user concerns, New World gamers will be forced to perform their resource collecting, item scavenging, and other tasks where a map would be useful the hard way. 

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