Sumeru Hidden Luxurious Chest Genshin Impact: How To Claim It!

Where is the Sumeru Hidden Luxurious Chest Genshin Impact, this is the question that every player asking. And want to know the location. As we know players will be entertained by Genshin Impact 3.1 update. There are new World Quests, foes, bosses, and other creatures in this revised version. Additionally, locked boxes can only be accessed after finishing a specific mission. We’ll explain where to locate Sumeru Hidden Luxurious Chest Genshin Impact.

There are many secret chores in Genshin Impact that players can find, and it looks like the complexity of these hidden activities is rising with each new location. Many of these mysterious activities can be found in Sumeru, similar to the ones near Mawtiyima Forest where Travellers may illuminate three drawings to receive a Sumeru Hidden Luxurious Chest Genshin Impact.

More About The Sumeru Hidden Luxurious Chest Genshin Impact :-

Sumeru Hidden Luxurious Chest

One of the key riches to be discovered while exploring the Dendro region’s areas is Sumeru Hidden Luxurious Chest Genshin Impact. Ten Source Stones, four Dendro Seals, supplies for character enhancement, and Pestilence are among the pricey rewards found in each of them. For instance, we can pick up up to 185,000 in one.

While some treasures are protected by monsters that must be defeated or located in a locked area that can only be accessed after completing certain tasks, others are easy to get to and obtain because they are in open places. We shall then examine each chest’s location in further detail.

All Sumeru Hidden Luxurious Chest Genshin Impact:-

Sumeru Hidden Luxurious Chest

Before we can enter Shekem Hall, we must complete a World Quest, Old Notes, & New Friends or Dual Evidence. The Sumeru Hidden Luxurious Chest Genshin Impact is located in the King Deshret Mausoleum. To open the seal, we’ll need to solve a few puzzles.

#1. Southwest of Mawtiyima Forest: The western Teleport Waypoint in Mawtiyima Forest is where players can utilise Dendrograna to smash some nearby objects. Players of Genshin Impact will effectively utilise Dendrograna 4 times on two nearby rocks and two auspicious branches. To produce some Four-Leafed Sigils, defeat a Pyro Whopperflower thereafter. To finally arrive at a location with a Luxurious Chest, warp to each of them.

#2. Song of Night and Dawn Luxurious Chest: The player needs to extinguish 7 Pyro Abyss Mage torches that really are close to Old Vanarana. For the majority of players, killing a few Pyro Abyss Mages is not tough. The sole reason this secret box is present is because it is necessary for unlock Old Vanarana.

#3. Call of the Nameless City Luxurious Chest: The achievement Call of the Nameless City and a hidden Luxurious Chest are both available to travellers who have finished Vimana Agama: Royinjan’s Chapter.

#4. Oh, Frabjous Day chest: A somewhat mysterious set of puzzles and another undiscovered accomplishment are connected to another hidden chest. This time, Oh, Frabjous Day is the codename for the accomplishment. This entry technically has 11 separate chests, however the last one is the hidden one most players would overlook. The player searches for small ground mounds and digs there. The locations of the latter two chests are more enigmatic.

#5. 15 chests in Vanarana’s cave: Technically, this isn’t a single place, but a collection of 15 chests inside one entry. However, there is a good potential that some users haven’t opened any one of the chests in the this cave, if not all of them. The general process for Genshin Impact players to access all 15 chests is as follows: They have to communicate with 76 Aranaras. In particular, if they do not even know to look, the procedure can take a player an hour or so.

How To Claim All Sumeru Hidden Luxurious Chest Genshin Impact?

As soon as the world quest is finished, teleport to a Teleport Waypoint southeast of a Mausoleum of King Deshret. Release the initial Primal Ember and descend with it. Turn the cell twice each in the left and right directions to drain the water. The Primal Ember should be followed until it encounters a pillar.

Turn around and activate the thing you can see in the image above. A blast of wind will appear as a result, lifting you to the summit. Break the seal enclosing the Primal Ember to begin the challenge. There is also a chance to receive 1 Dendroculus from this challenge. Moving both cells back into their starting positions will allow you to reach the top.

Once the task has been completed, a second Primal Ember may spawn. To stop the wind burst, engage with the machine before releasing a Primal Ember. If users follow a Primal Ember to a second pillar, we will be able to break the seal on the Sumeru Hidden Luxurious Chest Genshin Impact.

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