Secure Funds Quest Genshin Impact – Complete Guide & Pathway!

Secure Funds Quest Genshin Impact is another world event from Sumeru, this secure funds event quest is actually of the Ballads and Brews event.

The secure funds quest also seems to be giving away over 32,000 more to the players, purchase requests and proxy purchases are the prerequisites to secure funds easily.

The secure funds quest is all about multiple connections of quests as set by HoYoverse, firstly the beverage shop on the pier will ask you to go to liyue harbor. Then proceed to the mountain mixologist where you also travel to the Gingee village, then have a conversation with the guanchui.

Secure Funds Quest Genshin Impact – Complete Guide & Pathway!

Secure Funds Quest Genshin Impact

Firstly you must sell winemaking goods to proceed in the secure funds quest, the festival area of Sumeru has over 2 wine sellers regularly, sell it to them and secure the funds initially there.

Sell up to 5 ingredients to the winemakers at Sumeru, then talk to bernhard at the Weinlesefest, sell all the wine making items when and where possible to keep securing more funds for this charity event quest from HoYoverse.

Then also a visit to the angel share and cat tail shop for another selling of items, to secure more funds instantly there.

How to Secure more Funds?

Make sure to locate to the event page which also has two more pending quests the purchase requests and proxy purchases which help to get more funds for this Genshin Impact quest.

This NPC orders will grant you over 32,000 Mora, instead try to earn and secure more funds whilst bargaining.

Also while going through through emergency at the shop, try to unlock the strategems, also an interaction with paimon and bernard will be a must too.

Secure Funds – More Guide!

Once done with mountain mixologist, proceed to the angel and cat’s tail shop to sell more ingredients for securing funds in Genshin Impact quest,

Berry, valberry, apple, wolfhook, sun settia, sweet flower can all be sold at the angel share shop, whilst cat tail shop offers you the chance to interact with Diane, and sell wine making ingredients like snap dragon, mint, pine cone, horse tail and secure all the funds.

Most of the funds can be secured from angel and cat tail shop itself, as part of this ballads and brews Genshin Impact event at Sumeru.

Secure Funds Quest Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Secure Funds Quest Rewards!

The available rewards for completion of NPC quests to secure funds will be 32000 mora, also the mora is used only to secure more funds for the rest of the quest.

Hopefully securing more funds will grant more Mora, primogems and other hero wit rewards too.


That’s everything about the secure funds quests for Genshin Impact gamers, which is actually a sub event named charity and creativity which is finally a part of the ballads and brews event from HoYoverse.

All the pathway and guide to secure funds for this Genshin Impact quest has been shared, it’s all about selling your wine making items to the vendors at the festival area, where angel share shop, tail cat shop helps to secure more funds.

Whilst the Genshin Impact event tab NPC Quests like proxy purchases and purchase requests quest will also immediately grant over 32,000 more.

Many interaction with Bernhard and Diane will also be happening, in order to secure more and more funds. So, earn more funds and finish this charity event quest from Genshin Impact.

Stay tuned for more quest guides from our end. Follow us regularly for more gaming content and exclusive quest guide articles. Stay tuned for more updates about secure funds and other charity events on Genshin Impact.

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