All Sumeru 3.1 Food Recipe Location: Get All Locations Here!

There are numerous recipes in Genshin Impact for making various kinds of cuisine. In addition to vendors and world quests, you may also find recipes in domains. We may get All Sumeru 3.1 food recipe location, sellers all across Teyvat’s planet by using the Genshin Impact food recipe list. The merchants are all listed below, organised by region.

The update included an additional All 9 Sumeru 3.1 food recipe location, which we have now incorporated. During the brief Of Ballads & Brews event, there is one extra recipe that we can purchase from a merchant. However, because the event is time-limited, so let’s see All Sumeru 3.1 Food Recipe Location.

All Sumeru 3.1 Food Recipe Location:-

Sumeru 3.1 Food Recipe Location

Ten new meals have been added in version 3.1. One of the six new recipes comes from an event. Based on the update notes here, an event dish will also be made permanently accessible in the following release. This patch includes 3 new special meals in addition to the 3 new characters.

#1. Lambad’s Tavern:-

The Lambad’s Tavern is the first location from All 9 Sumeru 3.1 food recipe location. which is situated not far from Sumeru City’s Teleport Waypoint. For Lambard to be found, you must go inside the Tavern. Spice and garbanzo beans, which you’ll require for the new dishes, are also sold by Lambad. The first recipe we’ll receive is for Coconut Charcoal Cake.

#2. Puspa’s Cafe :-

The second of All 9 Sumeru 3.1 food recipe location is Puspa’s Cafe, which is situated close to the teleport waypoint of Sumeru City. To find Enteka, we must go inside the cafe. The next three recipes are for Padisarah Pudding, Candied Ajilenakh Nuts, and Baklava.

#3. Azalai the Merchant :-

Azalai the Merchant, which is situated next to the Teleport Waypoint at Aaru Village, is the third location of the All 9 Sumeru 3.1 Food Recipe Location. The 5th and 6th recipes Aaru Mixed Rice & Fruits of the Festival are still unknown, but they are recorded in the archives.

#4. Event Dish :-

We will find the seventh recipe for Sparkling Berry Juice is Event Dish in the next location of All 9 Sumeru 3.1 Food Recipe Location, which is not yet available but will soon.

#5. Specialty Dishes :-

The Specialty Dishes are the final location where we may find the other dishes from the All 9 Sumeru 3.1 food recipe location. We can purchase Duel Soul (Cyno’s Specialty), a Tahchin-based product, here. Using Aaru rice, Utmost Care (Candace’s Specialty).

All Sumeru 3.1 Food Recipe Location

Related: How To Cook In Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, cooking requires having access to the a stove or even a fire. Campfires can be seen in Teyvat’s open areas. There is possibly a fire here that you could cook on if you run into an NPC or take out an opposing camp. In a town like Mondstadt, we enter most of the buildings, and most of them have stoves. Except for where they are located and how they look, stoves and campfires perform essentially the same functions.

Start interacting with a campfire and stove and start cooking. The character having Pyro can easily take care of by putting their power upon that if it isn’t lighted. By doing this, the cooking menu appears, giving you a few choices.

Cook, represented by the emblem of a knife and fork crossed, starts preparing a dinner using one of the various recipes. Using the emblem of two crossed hot peppers as a representation of process transform basic materials into finished products.

Any dish that your active character is capable of making can be chosen from the Cooking menu. If they have all the required items in their inventory, users may start cooking the food by clicking the “Cook” button at the bottom of a recipe window.

FAQ :-

How many recipes are in Genshin Impact?

– There are 109 recipes that are always available right now. There seem to be a maximum of 118 permanently available recipes that can master when combined with the 9 that start the game with.

How do you get more recipes on Genshin?

We may find new recipes pretty easily. Do not even expect to become a master chef right away in Genshin Impact because your cooking abilities will be relatively limited when you first begin. You can only broaden your culinary horizons by finishing particular missions and buying recipes at eateries.

How do you get Come and get it a recipe?

After achieving Adventure Rank 40, Chef Mao at Wanmin Restaurant will sell you the Come and Get It recipe for 5,000 Mora. according to the standard.

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