Fortnite x Goat Simulator Collaboration 2022 – All Info!

Fortnite x Goat Simulator Collaboration in 2022 has finally happened, yes the world’s top most battle royale game Fortnite is joining hands exclusively with the sand box adventure Goat Simulator game finally, here are all the leaks of Fortnite x Goat Simulator collab.

The new leaks and pics of ‘The Goat’ skin in Fortnite has been shared by prominent Twitter based Fortnite leakers like Hypex, shiina, ifireMonkey and a lot more, the goat skin looks absolutely stunning as per Fortnite gamers.

As per the pics surfing around for Goat Simulator x Fortnite crossover event in 2022, the goat skin with the name of A Goat also with a caption of the Goatest of All Time is now viral amongst all the Fortnite players on Twitter and YouTube.

Fortnite X Goat Simulator Collaboration – Official Release Date!

Fortnite x Goat Simulator Collaboration

Though the leaks and confirmation of the Fortnite x Goat Simulator collab is now officially confirmed, yet the event date of the collab between the two actual goat games Fortnite x Goat Simulator is yet to be seen,

as the pics of the Fortnite GOAT simulator skin has now been officially revealed, it should not be taking much of time for Epic Games to unveil the GOAT skin and cosmetics to the itemshop in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, which can be happening very very soon.

Fortnite x GOAT Simulator – Skins, Cosmetics & Price!

As we are just with the news of Fortnite x Goat Collab, even whether this is a Collaboration from Fortnite with either Goat Simulator 1 or Goat Simulator 3 is to been seen for now first.

As Goat Simulator 3 is coming out in November 2022, every Fortnite gamer who purchased the Goat simulator through via the Epic Games too will also be getting the Goat skins and outfits in the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

But one sure thing from the Goat Simulator x Fortnite collab is that, the Goat skin is now officially confirmed which is dazzling with a pout kinda pic, also with the tongue floating out from the Goat skin.

Whether the Goat simulator complete skin packs, item bundle, cosmetics and outfits are coming or whether Epic Games just stays with the single Goat skin alone in the Fortnite itemshop are to be seen later.

Fortnite x Goat Simulator Collaboration

More on Fortnite x Goat Simulator Collab 2022 Event!

With so much anticipation from the collab between Goat Simulator franchise x Fortnite, all eyes on Epic Games to include the Goat skin into the itemshop with the official price list.

So the Goatest of All Time Skin is now making its way in to the Fortnite itemshop, the gray bull inspired skin with an electrifying green eyes and two menacing horns will just make all the Fortnite fans go gaga over the Goat skin of Fortnite now.

So let’s wait for all the more info on about the Fortnite x Goat Simulator Collaboration, release date, skins and item bundle price, Fortnite Goat skin pack, cosmetics snd outfits info from our end.


That’s everything about the Fortnite x Goat Simulator game collaboration news from our GA end, if we are able to accumulate more news about the Goat skin on Fortnite, we will be sharing it all to you soon.

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Stay tuned for further more updates about the Fortnite x Goat Simulator Collaboration event 2022 news and updates officially.

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