Fortnite New Aya Nakamura Rewards 2022

Epic Games organizes a number of events to keep Fortnite players interested. Several musicians have worked with Fortnite to include live performances into the game. These live shows were enormously famous in the area. Therefore, let’s discuss Fortnite new Aya Nakamura Rewards 2022 in this exclusive and interesting guide from Gaming Acharya.  

Fortnite new Aya Nakamura Rewards 2022

Fortnite new Aya Nakamura

The Soundwave Series, on the other hand, is a whole distinct concept from the creators. Epic Games took the opportunity of collaborating with prominent musical performers from across the world to deliver their musical acts on the island. Aya Nakamura, a French Malian vocalist, was purportedly set to join the organization. However, she has just recently been introduced to the game. Gamers are subsequently quick to realize whether the Aya Nakamura x Fortnite occasion will happen soon.

Epic Games delivers on practically all of its promises. However, occasional collaborations do fall through due to unforeseen reasons. For a while, Lady Gaga was believed to be a member of the Fortnite series. As a result, the community is keen to see whether the Aya Nakamura x Fortnite event experienced the same fate.

Aya Nakamura x Fortnite: Soundwave Series event will be happening soon

iFireMonkey, a popular data miner, resorted to social media to share important information about the problem. He revealed on Twitter that the Soundwave Series had two more gigs left. The following is Aya Nakamura’s. Epic Games’ advertising artwork appears to have six different color tones, with four of them already used up for prior performances.

It was also pointed out that the promotional post for Aya Nakamura x Fortnite is done with the texture on the fourth slab in certain areas. The data miner discovered that this may be because the creators utilized the very first image to inform the community about the Soundwave Series events.

The Soundwave Series has proven a huge hit among loopers. As a result, accepting that the event may come to an end soon may be difficult for them. However, iFireMonkey has given everyone optimism by stating that Epic Games may add additional Soundwave Series performances in the near future.

Many events, including concerts, have previously occurred in Fortnite, either live or through character models. This final choice will be utilized in early October for a colorful show starring singer Aya Nakamura, as part of her Onde de sonore series, which began approximately a year ago.

Fortnite new Aya Nakamura Rewards 2022

Aya Nakamura’s Fortnite concert

If we don’t yet know what this concert will give, save that the song “Copines” appears to be the show’s headliner, know that you will be able to attend even if you have a very busy schedule. Indeed, the concert will be available for free for 72 hours and will be looped. So there’s not an obvious explanation for why you ought not be ready to see the value in it in the event that you love Aya Nakamura.

The concert is set for October 6 at 6 p.m., and may thus be followed until Sunday, October 9, at the same time. If you are unable to access the experience in-game, you may go to the discover menu or enter the island code “3500-0540-0065” directly into creative mode.

By participating in the event, you will be able to obtain little incentives such as the Aya Island loading screen and the “Sound Wave Series – Aya Nakamura x Fortnite!” For those that want more, the “Girlfriends” emote will be available in the shop starting October 6th. At the present, no outfit appears to be on the schedule.

Epic Games has now clarified that the concert would include several light effects and may not be suited for persons who are photosensitive. 

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