How to Eliminate Opponents While Chromed in Fortnite Chapter 3

Eliminate Opponents While Chromed in Fortnite paradise is the new weekly quest which is also offering over 20,000 XP. Here’s the GA guide about Eliminate three of the opponents while chromed and more.

The new Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 quest of eliminating over 3 opponents whilst also getting chromed has been unvaulted and once you are done with eliminating 3 opponents while chromed, get the 20k xp as the mammoth reward.

The chrome splash needs to be identified and found before you can actually eliminate three of the Fortnite opponents while also getting chromed.

How to Eliminate Opponents While Chromed in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4?

 Eliminate Opponents While Chromed

First, you must all locate & find out the Chrome Splash, consume for satisfying an opponent for movement, and best shooting areas.

Now just convert the chrome splash into a blob and also border them for bashing the opponents easily, the chrome splash chemicals are also so powerful that, so beware of self damages from the chrome splash and also the  chrome blob too

Get ready for firing attacks now, move back to the old chromed identity, and open fire now to get the best view

Now defeat and eliminate an enemy to proceed,  and also do all these two more times before you actually eliminate an opponent thrice while chromed on Fortnite now.

More on Eliminate Opponents While Chromed (3/3) in Fortnite! 

So that’s how you are eliminating all the 3 opponents when you get chromed on Fortnite, also weapons, and guns can’t be used for the chrome blob identity for this quest.

Also, the chromed form while completing this task will grant you more health and healing points, and the damage is reduced significantly too.

The chrome splash is available here and there on the new paradise Fortnite map as chrome chests, floor loots, and ground loot. To find out the available chrome splash and turn them into a blob to complete this unique Fortnite quest.

Eliminate Opponents While Chromed (3/3) Rewards in Fortnite!

 Eliminate Opponents While Chromed

Rewards are not available in many numbers for this Fortnite weekly quest in the paradise battle pass, as the usual 20,000 XP will be your only reward for the successful accomplishment of Eliminate Opponents While Chromed (3/3) in Fortnite chapter 3 season 4.

So all you need to thrice eliminate your Fortnite enemies after getting chromed is to identify the chrome splash from the specified locations of chests, ground floor, and loots, use the Chrome Splash again for getting mobility, get to know the best target zone and shooting spots.

Transmit the chrome splash onto a chrome blob. Do your fire-ranging attacks and return back to the chrome splash form and finish this Fortnite weekly quest now easily.

Get your 20,000 XP reward from Epic Games for this chrome splash-based weekly Fortnite quest.


Eliminate opponents while chromed in Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 from our GA is done now, follow all the easy guides over here to complete this new weekly quest of eliminating 3 opponents while chromed using the chrome Splash on the Fortnite island now.

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