Destiny 2 Halloween 2022- All Info About Festival of the Lost Event!

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost event is all set to bring on the Halloween contents to the game as per Bungie, yes Destiny 2 Halloween 2022 is what all about for the current season of plunder.

The Destiny 2 season 18 in its 6th week is all set to welcome one more event in a grandeur manner, which is the festival of the last 2022 event on Destiny 2 with lots of new rewards, events, and also activities for the guardians of the game.

As Halloween event worldwide is all set to come very soon, just like other games Bungie has also planned to initiate an event for Destiny 2 to celebrate the Halloween event with its rewards and items on the game, new rifle, trait, and perks are all in the bucket list of Bungie for this festival of the lost 2022 Destiny 2 event.

Destiny 2 Halloween 2022 – All Info About the Festival of the Lost Event!

Destiny 2 Halloween 2022

Firstly the festival of the lost event 2022 on Destiny 2 is just about to begin a few days before the Halloween event, which is on the 18th, of Oct 2022.

From 18th October 2022, all the Destiny 2 gamers will be able to see new content, event, and rewards for the current Season of Plunder.

The major highlight of Destiny 2 festival of the lost event 2022 will be the tower decoration which is based on horror themes, also with a brand new exclusive event card.

Some of the items and rewards for the Destiny 2 Halloween event 2022 will be, Halloween themed Armor set, a new arc sniper rifle with the search party perk.

More on Destiny 2 Halloween Event 2022!

The new sniper rifle from Destiny 2 halloween event is based on the mech theme also with a stylish metallic look, Destiny database said to have unleashed this particular sniper rifle for all the Destiny 2 guardians now.

The speciality about this new sniper rifle for Destiny 2 season 18 is its movement, aim and also its firing shots too.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Event 2022!

Though Bungie has informed all the guardians only about the Destiny 2 festival of the lost 2022 event release date and also about the new mecha Armor set, yet the rewards and also the Halloween contents for Destiny 2 are quite interesting and unique too.

Perennial Revelry, Guardian Games, Solstice, Festival of the Lost, Dawning all these challenges of Destiny 2 current event card must be finished to acquire and earn the new event card as a part of the Destiny 2 halloween event.

The aggressive framed new arc sniper rifle is also said to be on the lines of 3D blue print model, and also with an “Original Search” Trait perk too.

Some of the perks for Destiny 2 season of the plunder new sniper rifle could be all about the, First and Second Column, Magazine, and also the Barrel with the Arrowhead Brake, Small Bore, Corkscrew Rifling etc.


So that’s all and everything here about the new Destiny 2 Halloween 2022 event, festival of the lost event which is all set to commence from 18th, Oct 2022. The new Halloween Armor, contents, aggressive sniper rifle will all make the festival of the light event more colorful to all the guardians.

As still there are more than 20 days to go for the Destiny 2 festival of the lost event 2022, more official information and updates from Bungie, also related to the halloween contents for Destiny 2 are all expected to be shared over here soon.

Stay tuned with us for more about the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost event 2022 and more Halloween contents for the current 18th season of Destiny 2. Stay tuned to our handle for more exclusive Destiny 2 articles. Share your doubts in the comment box, check out our other contents on our handle.

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