How to get Free Fire Name Change Card

Users are prompted to establish nicknames for their in-game identities while creating a new account in Free Fire. They frequently choose a generic name without giving it any thought. Therefore, in this exclusive yet interesting article of Gaming Acharya How to get Free Fire Name Change Card.

However, most players subsequently choose to alter their names for a variety of reasons, including changing trends, joining a new team or guild, and so on. However, altering nicknames is not completely free. Names may be changed an endless number of times with free fire name change cards without spending actual money.

How to get Free Fire Name Change Card

How to change name in Free Fire

In Free Fire, there are only two methods to alter your name. In particular, 390 precious stones (in-game money) or the utilization of a free fire name change card. The latter is the cheapest, or should I say, free approach to creating a unique moniker.

The free fire name change card is accessible for 39 precious stones and 200 organization tokens. This tiny quantity of diamonds may be easily obtained for free by using several programs such as Booyah, Google Opinion Rewards, and others. Readers may discover more about it by clicking on this link.

How to get Free Fire Name Change Card

Guild tokens are easily gained through an in-game event known as “Daily Guild Quest” or by unlocking guild crates. To get 20 tokens, fulfill the daily guild mission by playing a match with guild members.

Coming up next are the quick techniques to getting a free fire name change card:

  • In the menu on the left half of the gaming anteroom, select the ‘Store’ choice.
  • Choose the ‘Redeem’ tab.
  • Navigate to the Guild tokens section.
  • As demonstrated in the figure above, select a name change card.
  • At the bottom, click the exchange option.

Free Fire Name change cards may only be purchased once. The society token exchange shop, then again, resets after each significant update (OB update), empowering players to get the card once more. Consequently, gamers can get limitless name change cards and change their name uncountably.

How to get Free Fire Name Change Card

How to change name in Free Fire

Gamers might change their name in Free Fire by adhering to the guidelines underneath:

  • In the upper left region of the gaming anteroom, click on the profile pennant.
  • Tap the pencil symbol close to your ongoing moniker.
  • In the text area, a dialog box will appear asking for a new moniker. If you have a preset nickname, type it in or use the copy-paste method.
  • If you have a name change card, confirm it.
  • Otherwise, 390 diamonds are a safe bet.
  • The moniker cannot include more than 12 characters.

Once verified, your new moniker will be shown in the lobby as well as to your in-game buddies.

FAQs regarding Free Fire Name Change Card

Q. On Free Fire Max, how can you receive a free name change card?

Ans: How to Get and Use a Name Change Card in Garena Free Fire MAX to Change Usernames New players may find the Name Change Card under the Guild Token page of the Redeem part of the in-game shop. To have access to the highlighted products in the store, users must join or start a guild.

Q. How can you acquire a free name change card on free fire if you don’t have any diamonds?

Ans: You may obtain the rename card as a prize from the Free Fire Regional Battle Season, and it will assist you in changing your name in Free Fire without the need of a diamond, and three You must earn a total of ten thousand factors to obtain it.

Q. How can I change my name on Free Fire if I don’t have a diamond or a name changing card?

Ans: To obtain the rename card without using diamonds, players must compete in casual or rated BR or clash squad matches. In BR, they will gain 150 points for a Booyah. The second and third-place finishers will receive 100 and 50 points, respectively.

Q. How Do I Get A Free Fire Name Change Card?

  • From the hall, go to ‘Store.’
  • Navigate to the ‘Recovery’ section.
  • Click the ‘Society Token’ option.
  • Click on ‘Name Change Card.’
  • Click ‘Trade’ to finish the payment. 
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