Fortnite Red Claw Crew October 2022 – How to Unlock Red Claw in Fortnite

Fortnite Red Claw Crew October 2022 Fortnite leaks have been going on already, as the October month Fortnite crew pack with a subscription is all set to unleash the red claw skin. Fortnite October crew will unleash the red claw skins and cosmetics with outfits, as per Epic Games the next crew pack will be live in Fortnite from 30th September 2022, and red claw will be unleashed in the same crew pack with its two styles and variants.

Fortnite’s next red claw has been teased from the leaks, and the male character outfit with black outfits, also with a red pickaxe and a menacing red shield face looks all set to rage on in Fortnite paradise battle pass very very sooner.

Fortnite Red Claw Crew October 2022
Fortnite Red Claw Crew October 2022

Fortnite Red Claw Crew October 2022

All those Fortnite crew subscribers, be ready to get your hands on the brand new Red Claw skin pack with cosmetics from 30th September 2022 officially.

Unfortunately, those Fortnite gamers who don’t have the access to the crew pack will not be able to get the bewitching red claw skin pack.

But on the other hand, the Fortnite crew subscribers will easily get on and equip the battle pass, regular 1,000 Fortnite V-bucks, and now these exclusive new red claw skins.

Fortnite Red Claw Crew October 2022 – Red Claw Outfit Release Date!

Epic Games will be unlocking the new red claw skin, outfit, and also the red claw cosmetics to all the players from 30th September 2022 officially.

Fortnite Red Claw Pack – Skins & Cosmetics!

So finally the red claw skin joins the Fortnite team for October, and the Red & Black colored skin with two selectable styles and variants are the major attractions.

Also, the other October Fortnite crew pack and the cosmetics will be included,

  • Dark & Red Instrumental Lobby Track
  • Never Take Me Alive Loading Screen
  • Black Fang Back Bling
  • Red’s Rippers Pickaxe
  • Dark Nights Lobby Track
  • Shredded Red Wrap
  • Red Lights Lobby Track
Fortnite Red Claw Crew October 2022
Fortnite Red Claw Crew October 2022

Also, those Fortnite crew subscribers who join before this red claw launch date which is also set to be the same date as 30/09/2022 will get the additional items,

  • Loveless Outfit
  • The Loveless Bandit Lobby Track
  • Stylus Edge Pickaxe
  • Shooting Shuffle Wrap
  • Calling Card Back Bling

All these September crew pack items will also be available in Fortnite’s October subscription crew pack if you wish to renew it sooner now.

More on Red Claw Pack & Fortnite Crew Subscription!

So just by purchasing the Fortnite crew pack subscription, you are instantly getting the Fortnite Paradise battle pass and also the 1,000 V-bucks.

To those who don’t know about the Fortnite crew pack with subscription get it for around $11.99, so just purchase the Fortnite crew pack,

But if you really wish to own the other exclusive in-game Skins and Cosmetics which are not available to the non-Fortnite crew subscription members, get ready to enjoy the red claw skin pack with cosmetics sooner on the Fortnite island as the leaks got teased earlier today.


That’s all about the next GA article about the Fortnite Red Claw Crew October 2022, How to Unlock Red Claw in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, red claw crew pack skins, items, and cosmetics are all shared.

So all the Fortnite crew members now may wait to obtain the red claw skin and cosmetics from 30th September 2022 on the island, follow this guide to purchase and buy the red claw item pack in Fortnite easily.

Stay tuned for more leaks about the red claw crew pack item bundle and items in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 from the team of Epic Games sooner. Follow Gaming Acharya for more gaming and other articles from our end.

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