Free Fire New Update OB36 Download: For Android & iOS Users!

Players who are interested in the Garena Free Fire New Update OB36 Download should go to the application store on their device. Like past iterations, the most recent update is also downloadable, but it won’t be functional until the maintenance period is over. Fans must therefore be made aware of the maintenance plan before installing the update.

In comparison to the previous fifth Anniversary update, the OB36 version is anticipated to add fewer material (OB35). The Social Island, its Gloo Melter Grenade, a NeXTerra map in Clash Squad mode, changes to weapons balance, and much more are just a few of the exciting enhancements and additions that fans can still find in the game. In this, we will see how to get Free Fire New Update OB36 Download.

In Which Android Brand We Can Get Free Fire New Update OB36 Download?

Free Fire New Update OB36 Download

For Android users, the Free Fire New Update OB36 Download can be gotten from the Google Play Store, the OPPO App Store, or any other app store exclusive to a certain Android manufacturer, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, or Vivo. In addition to the virtual stores mentioned above, there are a number of unapproved sources that one must avoid because, given Garena’s anti-hack policy, they might not be the best option.

How To Get Free Fire New Update OB36 Download On Android Phone?

Garena upgrades the inventories with new content every two months. Garena offered a few in-game occasions after the maintenance pause where players may earn free goodies for installing the patch. Google Play Store users and Apple App Store users can now download the most recent version of the game.

We must follow the instructions in this step-by-step procedure in order to get the most recent Free Fire New Update OB36 Download, version 2.93.1, for our Android devices. To access a Google Play Store download page for the game, use the links above. On our smartphone or tablet, you may also use the Google Play Shop or any other brand-specific virtual store to view the game’s official page.

Free Fire New Update OB36 Download

Depending on whether or not we have the game on our smartphone or not, after visiting the download page, touch the update or install button. We are encouraged to have a reliable internet connection, ideally a private Wi-Fi, as the download should take a few minutes.

A Google Play Store would immediately install a game on the device after it has been downloaded. Once we install the update and open the app. Additional update files need to be downloaded, then log in with our favorite social media site.

Users also have the option of using a guest login, although this option does not offer the luxury of syncing. Additionally, if you remove the game using a guest account, your in-game progress can be lost.

Therefore, it is suggested that we log in using a social media site. If you always have guest login details, we can link them in the system settings to other services like Gmail, Facebook, VK, etc. This is How we get Free Fire New Update OB36 Download on Android phones.

How To Get Free Fire New Update 2022 OB36 Download On iOS Phones?

To get Free Fire New Update OB36 Download on iOS phones follow this step. As the step is simple and similar to the process of Android phones, let’s see the process.

Open an Apple App Store on an iOS device to start the procedure. The next step is to use the search feature to look for the game. To get the most recent OB36 update for Garena’s main game, press the Update button one last time.

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