Battlefield 2042 Friends Not Showing Up- How to Solve Fix?

Battlefield 2042 Friends Not Showing Up? Many Battlefield 2042 players haven’t been able to add their friends for the cross-play feature at times. Here’s the GA solution to fix Battlefield 2042 Friends Not Showing Up.

For example, a Battlefield 2042 PS 4 player can’t add his friend from the other console possibly an Xbox Battlefield 2042 player, which keeps irking them for a while, as it’s a prolonged problem for all the Battlefield 2042 gamers, especially in the past 2 months.

As Battlefield 2042 with cross-play feature has always been available and accessible for all the Xbox Series, PC, and PlayStation gamers, the players are getting trouble playing with their favorite buddies on Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Friends Not Showing Up – How to Solve it Easily?

Battlefield 2042 Friends Not Showing Up

So the question of how to add and play with your friends in the Battlefield 2042 cross-play feature without any bugs, we will list out all the possible solutions from GA experts over here to fix the Battlefield 2042 Friends Not Showing Up.

Though the publishers Electronic Arts of Battlefield 2042 haven’t given the resolution to these cross-play, not working issues, we have figured out the best and possible solutions to Battlefield 2042 user not found and friends not showing up problems over here.

Here are all the key fixes to overcome Battlefield 2042 friends not showing up in 2022, Users not found, and more errors in Battlefield 2042.

Device Restart 

As always, restart your console or PC on which you and your mates play Battlefield 2042, so that it any updates or if the game’s version is outdated or not shall be known sooner, restart your Battlefield 2042 device to solve the user not found issues.

Version & Update Check 

Whenever and every time you experience cross-play issues, user not found and friends not showing up issues on Battlefield 2042 game, make sure to check if both of you do play and game in the same updated version of Battlefield.

As last-gen consoles and current-gen consoles with different Battlefield 2042 game versions will never be able to cross-play anytime.

Check for Internet Connection

The user not found in Battlefield 2042 may also happen due to poor internet connectivity and bad internet connections, and as far as you are concerned with playing Battlefield 2042 with your friends through the cross-play feature, you need a high speed internet wifi and network, hopefully, your bad internet connection doesn’t stop on your Battlefield 2042 cross-play feature experience with your friends.

Battlefield 2042 Friends Not Showing Up

Re-Install Battlefield Game

So, what if plan A doesn’t work, just move to plan B at sorting out these users not found, friends not showing up and other Battlefield 2042 cross-play issues from now on, just uninstall Battlefield 2042 from your console or PC or whatever it may be, then reinstall the Battlefield 2042 game with the latest update version, make sure your other Battlefield 2042 friends do the same thing.

If none of the above solutions to resolve Battlefield 2042 Friends Not Showing Up, User not found cross-play problems and complications work, then the only go-to option to fix Battlefield 2042 user not found & cross-play problems is by complaining to the technical team of Electronic Arts.


That’s everything from your Gaming Acharya about the Battlefield 2042 Friends Not Showing Up, hope all the problems you encounter on Battlefield 2042 cross-play get resolved from now on.

with this guide to solve Battlefield 2042 friends not showing up issues, steps to fix Battlefield 2042 User not found and cross-play problems, you may safely get back to enjoy playing Battlefield 2042 without much hassle and worries.

Stay tuned for more solutions regarding the same Battlefield 2042 problems and bugs from our end. Till then keep following our handle for more exclusive gaming updates from the Gaming Acharya handle. Follow us regularly for more Esports updates and gaming content.

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