New Eliksni Quarter Interactable in Destiny 2- All Info!

New Eliksni Quarter Interactable in Destiny 2 asks you to find up all the locations of Eliksni scribes which are in 9 different location spots. A total of 9 recordings at the eliksni quarter in the last city are there, once you trace out all the eliksni recording scribes, once all then the path of the scribe challenges will also be completed too.

The eliksni quarter scannable locations from Destiny 2 are not easy to find, this scribe recording quest is all about Eida (daughter of Mithrax) the scribe of the lighthouse, where she finds all the 9 records of the eliksni quarter with the help of all the Destiny 2 guardians.

Okay, now the pathway and guide to the path of the scribe seasonal Destiny 2 challenge will be here below at your GA.

New Eliksni Quarter Interactable – All Info!

New Eliksni Quarter Interactable

So the new 9 eliksni quarter locations and recordings from Destiny 2 are here also with its walkthrough.

1. Ship at Eliksni

A big white ship at the outside region of eliksni has one of the eliksni scannable scribe recordings, you must all scan the ship to officially get the first eliksni recording here at the ship. This eliksni white ship is so close to the brig, saint-14 graffiti, and also opposite to the scourage.

2. Saint-14 Graffiti

The next recording for eliksni with the voice note of eido is here at the ground floor of saint-14 graffiti that too on the wall which is also on the left of ether tanks.

3. Telecommunicator

Another recording for eliksni at the telecommunicator once again at the ground floor here, also very straight opposite to the graffiti too, also an interaction with the devices is a must to get the other eliksni scribes to progress well.

4. Shrine Traveler

Next go to the quarters to find out the next eliksni recording, use any stairs to find out the broken pieces of the shrine traveler there too, eido has her scribes over there, procure the same, so finally the next eliksni scannable recording is acquired here at the shrine of the traveler spot.

5. House Light Banner

At the left of eliksni quarters, locate the house light banner which has also been updated, also it’s under the supervision of the travelers over there, also do find out the eido’s next scribing over here.

eliksni recording

6. Ether Tanks

At the ruins of eliksni quarters, guardians can easily find out the next recording here at the ether tanks, eido will get on her fifth scribe so close and also near to the ether tank itself.

7. Scourge

The broken pieces of scourge at the scourge of the past raid from can be found over here, eido’s next recording with scannables can be acquired here finally at the eliksni quarters area.

8. Ghost

Above the traveler shrine, the 8th eliksni recording also with the eido scribe can be identified over here, an interaction with the ghost at the crate will do the job to the guardians of Destiny 2, as the recording and scribe are at the top of this crate here.

9. Shank

Shank is the last recording for eido also with her scribes, the 9th eliksni recording is here at the shank,

go through the ruins top area or by the long way around to the top floor of the shank, the shank will be seen comfortaby sitting at the top of the table to your left, also an interaction with the shank will do the job and get eido all her scribes and eliksni recordings and scannables over here.


That’s all and everything about this new eliksni quarter interactable article from your Gaming Acharya handle, all the 9 eliksni quarter recordings and eido scribes will automatically unlock on the next Destiny 2 seasonal challenge of “Path of The Scribe”, you will also get the rewards of 2x EXP and also with the 150 Decrypted Data too.

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