Which Group of Rock Royalty NBA 2k23 Insists They Will Rock You?

NBA 2K23, like NBA 2K22, will include Music Trivia and question-based challenges. Gamers may earn extra stuff by completing these tasks. The trivia in NBA 2K22 was tied to in-game missions, challenges, and the league’s history. Therefore, in this exclusive guide from Gaming Acharya, we will answer Which group of rock royalty NBA 2k23 insists that they will rock you?

NBA 2K23 has included music trivia linked to the game’s official playlist’s 50+ musicians. MyCareer has been downsized to a smaller map this year. 

However, this is advantageous because players do not need to walk about in order to fulfill certain map-based tasks and challenges. The trivia about music is basic. It is accessible via the NBA 2K23 home screen. 

Rock royalty NBA 2k23

Which Group of Rock Royalty NBA 2k23

The Cole World mission needs players to head out to Erik’s Vinyl during the current week’s test. The mission itself is simple enough to finish. It entails answering rap-related questions. When the questions are successfully answered, players will receive a notice verifying that they have become a rap aficionado. The game awards will be delivered directly to your mailbox.

Subsequent to responding to the random data questions, the player should likewise address the rap fight questions. YouTuber etox39 has previously collated all of the pertinent answers, which are shown below:

Q. Which musician had a number one hit with “Truth Hurts”?

Ans: Lizzo had a number one hit with “Truth Hurts”

Q. What did Pete Rock and CL Smooth “do over you” in their smash 1992 song?

Ans: They talk about you.

Q. Which bunch of rock royalty NBA 2k23 insists on rocking you?

Ans: Queen

Came Back To Ball W. PhD Monk:

Anytime, anywhere. Soon after I toughened the leather.

I’m giving out L’s for free, just like your kindergarten instructor.

And I’m going to steal the rock royalty NBA 2k23 like I stole it from that man’s wallet.

It’s extraordinary the way that he bound up for the mass of disgrace.

It’s a concrete jungle, so don’t mutter.

I call it an iso, then add the frosting.

Take off the durag after a free throw.

Cross-over, half-spin, and hop skip ’em.

How are you going to stop this, nay, how are you going to top this?

2K, who are you managing? You definitely know I’m a monster.

I’ll take the money out of your dresser if the rock royalty NBA 2k23 isn’t safe.

You recognize me; I’m a national treasure.

Which Group of Rock Royalty NBA 2k23

Rita’s vs. Lil Mettle:

You’ve got a little shine now, and you believe you’re hotter than furnaces.

You are not the kind of individual that these other plays love.

Also, in the event that you’re hoopin’, you’re doo, in light of the fact that I’m crap scoopin’.

I’m hoping it doesn’t rain because I caved in the roof.

I’m going to drive up in front of you like I know your phone number.

I realize you’ve seen me skate, yet I have nothing aside from decks.

Dreamville Studio Session W. Bas:

When I pull up for the jumper, leave them frozen.

It’s the playoffs, are you going to play? You’re all newbies.

My arm is in the rim, and I’m looking down at Shorty.

You’re getting blown out like Dr. J’s afro.

“Smile for the camera” relaxation? Without a question.

This is how it feels to roll down the rock royalty NBA 2k23 window on a plane…NEXT! 

Street Rap vs. Kendall in NBA 2K23 Rap Battle

Don’t attempt to go psycho with me since I have lockdown defense.

Check in with me, I’m with the extras, eurostepping and flexing, 

I’ll shatter your ankles and probably heal that rock royalty NBA 2k23 wart in your foot.

If you do not have a lift pass, you are not permitted to ski here.

Put an end to your career and throw a party at your own expense.

I heard you were sleeping on me with your plush animal Piggie Smalls.

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