Spirit Blossom Syndra Skin Release Date, Price in LoL 12.19!

Spirit Blossom Syndra Skin from the new League of Legends patch update version 12.19 is all set to release. Also the same Spirit Blossom LoL skins for PBE are already available.

The next patch update of LoL 12.19 is getting unveiled on 5th October, 2022. So, literally from 5th October all the new 10 skins from the Spirit Blossom skins pack.

The Spirit Blossom Event 2022 will also be commemorated from 5th Oct, 2022 coinciding with game’s 12.19 patch update, a total of 10 new epic spirit blossom skins are up for grabs to all the League of Legends fans.

So here’s all about Spirit Blossom Syndra Skin release date, price and much more about the LoL 12.19 patch update with patch notes.

Spirit Blossom Syndra Skin Release Date in League Of Legends!

Spirit Blossom Syndra Skin

The spirit blossom syndra is one amongst the other 10 spirit blossom event skins of League Of Legends game, as the official spirit blossom syndra skin will only be available to the LoL players from the game’s patch update version of 12.19,

yet already the 10 skins from the spirit blossom skin pack are out in the Public Beta Environment (PBE) which is the official beta version testing of the LoL game.

And speaking about the spirit blossom syndra skin’s official release date in League Of Legends, Riot Games have planned to launch the LoL 12.19 patch update from 5th of October, so from then on the entire spirit blossom 10 skins will be out to all the players, so finally the official release date of the spirit blossom syndra skin is 5th, October 2022.

Spirit Blossom Syndra Skin Price in League Of Legends!

The official price of the spirit blossom epic syndra skin set by Riot Games is for 1350 RP, LoL 12.19 update will allow the players to purchase the Syndra epic skin for 1350 RP, once the skin comes to the LoL live servers from 5th, October 2022.

So just like the 2020 LoL spirit blossom event, Riot Games have planned this time even more higher and bigger for the spirit blossom 2022 event with lots of skins getting included, for now 10 is the number.

More on Spirit Blossom Event in League of Legends 12.19!

Spirit Blossom Syndra Skin

As already told that this LoL 12.19 will bring this year’s new spirit blossom event skins with 10 different variants as planned by the team of Riot Games.

Here’s the list of all 2022 spirit blossom event skins in League of Legends,

  • Spirit Blossom Yorick
  • Spirit Blossom Aphelios
  • Spirit Blossom Evelynn
  • Spirit Blossom Master Yi Normal
  • Spirit Blossom Master Yi Prestige Edition
  • Spirit Blossom Sett
  • Spirt Blossom Darius
  • Spirit Blossom Soraka
  • Spirit Blossom Syndra
  • Spirit Blossom Tristana

So the mammoth total of 10 spirit blossom skins for this year’s LoL 12.19 patch update version’s event have been listed above, where sett skin is a legendary one, master Yi will both be of the normal and prestige versions too.

Also all the spirit blossom event skins from LoL 12.19 are expected to be available at the same price of 1350 RP as decided by the team of Riot Games, so all can buy the entire skin pack easily during LoL 12.19 patch update version.

All these new spirit blossom skins can be bought and obtained after LoL 12.19 gets unleashed officially from 5th October, 2022, if there’s any surge in the spirit blossom skins, it will be posted here too officially.

That’s all about the new LoL 12.19 spirit blossom syndra skin leaks, release date from our gaming acharya handle. Stay tuned for more leaks about LoL v12.19 patch notes officially from riot games. Until then keep watching our handle and also do check out on our other gaming articles too.

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