Fortnite 5th birthday Rewards- All Leaks!

Fortnite 5th Birthday Rewards will be the most exciting thing to all the Fortnite gamers in the coming days, as yes congratulations to both Epic Games and Fortnite for the completion of fabulous 5 years, so here are more news on Fortnite’s 5th birthday rewards, date cake icons, etc.

Fortnite’s 5th birthday event is about to commence on from 24th Sept 2022 and is expected to last till the 28th of Sept, 2022 to all the fans of Fortnite, only for 4-5 days this birthday event has been scheduled by Epic Games and Fortnite.

Of course, the Fortnite birthday celebrations will be full of challenges and rewards in the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 edition’s season, as already the leaks of Fortnite 4th birthday’s cake icons and also the birthday presents, gifts are being liked and loved by all the Fortnite gamers.

So, there are around 3 sets of challenges for Fortnite’s 5th birthday event with many rewards to grab on, hopefully, more are also coming sooner from Fortnite end.

Fortnite 5th birthday Rewards – All Info!

Fortnite 5th birthday Rewards

The first set of Fortnite’s 5th birthday event is having this Throw Birthday Presents (5) challenge, then the next birthday challenge in Fortnite is this Consume Birthday Cake in different matches (5), and finally, the third and final Fortnite 5th birthday challenge event is to Use Balloons in a single match (5),

With this all the Fortnite 5th birthday Challenges are done too, and as of now the time being only 3 are given.

Fortnite 5th Birthday Challenges Rewards!

So, upon completing the throw birthday presents a challenge, you will get the birthday pickaxe as your reward. Then after successfully accomplishing the consumed birthday cake in different matches will reward you with the Fuzzfetti Cake Back Bling. And finally using balloons in a single match Fortnite 5th birthday challenge event will give you Birthday Pickaxe as your reward.

Some of the other Fortnite 5th birthday rewards could be banners, back bling, etc, let’s wait and watch soon from Fortnite’s end officially in the coming days.

More About Fortnite’s 5th Birthday Event!

Fortnite 5th birthday Reward

As already told by Epic Games that this Fortnite 5th birthday event is starting on the 24th Sept and will go on till the 28th Sept, during the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 launch.

Through these 5 days, all the Fortnite birthday challenge can be played as much as you would like to, Fortnite paradise battle pass weekly challenges provide a lot of in-game XP, so this Fortnite 5th birthday event challenges won’t be providing any new XP, apart from the given rewards above here.

But however and already the new Fortnite 5th birthday cosmetic of the backpack Fuzzfetti is being loved and adorned by all the Fortnite players, as the event in Fortnite for their 5th birthday anniversary is yet to commence,

Expect more new surprises from Epic Games to commemorate on with Fortnite’s 5th birthday celebrations in a grand style, manner and fashion, stay tuned to us for more about the same. As the 5th anniversary of Fornite and Epic Games is literally half of a decade, you can see more rewards and items for free from 24th September at the Fortnite item shop in the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

Fortnite 5th birthday rewards are given here from our end, all info about the 5th birthday event of Fortnite has been shared from our end. Let’s wait for more exclusive info about Fortnite’s 5th birthday anniversary event leaks in the coming days sooner.

For now, that’s all about the Fortnite 5th birthday rewards article from our end, stay tuned with gaming acharya for more Fortnite and other gaming articles soon. Keep watching our space for more exclusive updates and gaming content.

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