How to Well Skate Destiny 2- Complete Guide to Well Skate!

How to Well Skate Destiny 2 in the season of Plunder? There are always a plethora of ways to do the well skate, be it the well skate on the controller or off the flat ground, or well skate with the lament, every Destiny 2 player has had difficulties at this well skate in Destiny 2 even in 2022 now.

So to do the well skate perfectly now in Destiny 2 season 18, your joystick control buttons and perfect controlling will only help you to master the art of well skate in Destiny 2 in 2022.

So now the ga guide for How to Well Skate Destiny 2 season 18 will be shared here, though these options to perform the well skate in classes of Destiny 2 won’t be easy at all, yet you can also try the well skate features for all controller, flat ground and with the lament too.

How to Well Skate Destiny 2 – Complete Guide!

So basically as per many Destiny 2 experts, to perform the D2 well skate, keep pressing on the D button down twice, RB is suggested for attacks, also use d to well skate and then cancel its scripts too, as after performing the well skate, you must mandatorily use the D button twice again to cancel the script.

How to Well Skate Destiny 2

Steps to Well Skate on Controller in Destiny 2!

As per the other experts, to do well skate on controller, pressing LB+RB together might help, also the shatter well skate is done easily with the super o and b, by binding them both,

Also keep training with R2, Right thumbstick, L1+R1, plus O too, RT>A>LB+RB is also another option to do well skate on Destiny 2 controller now.

How to Well Skate with Lament!

The new ground skating tech with a ledge can be done for well skate with lament, with some heavy attacks also using the well skate too, both on titans and hunters with the macro, though the tech for lament well skate is good one with light attacks, as you are jumping, then light attack, jump once again, then activate the super to finish well skate with lament.

How to Well Skate off the Flat Ground!

The mouse wheel controller m, sword with the eager edge are the most important aspects to do well skate off the flat ground anywhere, which is the groundscape in the end, space bars controllers should be carefully used, also this well skate off the flat ground can be possible on both hunter and warlock class in Destiny 2.

Be careful with super binding attacks,  jump, light attack, jump again and finally you must activate the super to accomplish the well skate off the flat ground in Destiny 2.

More Well Skate in Destiny 2 – Warlock Skate, Ground Skate & More!

Well Skate Destiny 2

Also the other one is the warlock well skate in Destiny 2,  for warlock well skate build on the eager’s edge with the swords, also the warlock skate needs Solar 3.0 in addition too. Transverse, sprint speed, running speed, binding super keybind, get the burst glide,

Then find out the ledge, then sprint to the edge and make an instant attack for warlock well skate, then do a heavy attack and jump and make the super input too, but don’t sprint towards the edge particularly for this warlock well skate.

Also very recently a new skatin6trxh is identified to skate with shatter dive, on the flat ground also on the well of radiance too, for this jump, left swing, jumping again and then finally the shatter dive are involved too.

How to well skate Destiny 2 article guide is now done, all easy steps and ways to do well skate in the controller, easy tricks and tips to do well skate off the flat ground, on the ground, hunter and Warlock well skate, eager’s edge well skate Destiny 2 with the guide are all updated here. Stay tuned for more ways to do well skate in Destiny 2 season 18 guide and tips.

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