BGMI New Update 2.2 Download Link: Working Links

BGMI new update 2.2 download link is now the talk amongst all the Indian BGMI players and fans, as BGMI indian users are hoping for BGMI to return back to the gaming arena, now the new BGMI 2.2 download link for the incumbent BGMI players is mostly searched about.

As Krafton had already scrapped BGMI from Google Play Store, no way that the existing BGMI gamers can download the BGMI 2.2 update from the playstore or even from the BGMI website, the same does apply for iOS BGMI users too.

As app store has also removed BGMI for iPhone and iOS device BGMI players, they have also been left with some options to download BGMI 2.2 by searching for the BGMI 2.2 download link.

So here we share the options for current Indian BGMI players after BGMI ban with the download link for BGMI 2.2, and also the alternative possible ways to download the BGMI 2.2 patch updates too.

BGMI New update 2.2 download link – How to Download BGMI 2.2?

BGMI New Update 2.2 Download Link

Here now we will share some working BGMI 2.2 update links with BGMI 2.2 APK+OBB too, although security reasons are always coming for BGMI patch update links, you may download the BGMI 2.2 patch update version from this BGMI 2.2 download link/website as per your convenience.

These are some of the BGMI 2.2 patch update version new download links, as some of the links include both the new BGMI 2.2 update version links of BGMI 2.2 apk + OBB, some only have the BGMI 2.2 apk links with download options.

More Working Ways to Download BGMI 2.2 Patch Updates for Android, iOS!

BGMI New Update 2.2 Download Link

These are the other possible and working BGMI 2.2 download links, for now, BGMI 2.2 update download links with apk and obb file will be available together.

So, the download link of BGMI 2.2 apk with OBB will be more than 600 mb, depending on the different links of BGMI 2.2 update, so we have updated with all the BGMI new update 2.2 download links for both iOS and Android BGMI gamers.

BGMI New Update 2.2 Download Link!

How to Install & Download BGMI 2.2 Update Version?

The equation to download BGMI 2.2 download link is just simple and easier, as just go through all the working links of BGMI 2.2 patch update, download the apk of BGMI 2.2 and install it in your device.

If both apk+obb is available from these BGMI 2.2 download links/website, then you can easily download without adding any additional files or installing procedures, that’s how you install and play BGMI 2.2 update on your devices after the BGMI indian ban in 2022.

Also, BGMI 2.2 promises to be an action fest, with the patch notes of BGMI 2.2 holding new emotes, skins, grenades, new map and much more through the BGMI 2.2 update version of the game.

With this all the leaks of BGMI 2.2 are done from our end, BGMI new 2.2 download link, how to download BGMI 2.2 patch update for iOS and Android, how to install and play BGMI 2.2 with apk+ obb on Android, iOS devices are all done.

That’s a wrap to our article on BGMI new 2.2 download link with apk+obb, now you can easily download BGMI 2.2 apk+obb with this guide from GA and steps to install BGMI 2.2 patch update. Download and enjoy the new BGMI 2.2 update with all working links here now.

Stay tuned for more BGMI 2.2 leaks and updates in the coming days, hopefully, BGMI 2.0 new game will be back soon once Krafton is done with discussions we can expect the same official update from them too.

Till then stay tuned for more articles from our end. Follow us for more BGMI updates and exclusive news. Play BGMI 2.2 with the download links for the same at our handle.

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