Is Smurfing Bannable Valorant- Know Everything Here!

Is Smurfing Bannable Valorant in 2022 yet? In Valorant many gamers tend to use multiple accounts to play against weaker and fragile opponents to boost their ranks, also some Valorant users have been involved in boosting their accounts to further scale up more heights on Valorant levels.

But, as per the game’s developers, Riot Games are illegal and proved to be violating the Valorant game’s rules and protocols, this Riot Games have always been at the idea of banning Valorant accounts which are extremely involved in smurfing and boosting.

Although smurfing is not yet officially listed on the Valorant and Riot Ganes’ list of rules and regulations, also on T&C either, this smurfing should definitely not be encouraged on Valorant and other multiplayer games too, as the competitive and legal mode of gaming is strictly getting reduced.

Is Smurfing Bannable Valorant – Can you create multiple accounts in Valorant?

Is Smurfing Bannable Valorant

To be precise and more honest, one doesn’t need to worry about Valorant’s smurfing and boosting yet, as an only major pro and experienced Valorant gamers and streamers will get caught red-handed first by Riot Games,

yet if you are found to be under the radar of smurfing from Valorant, of course, yes you may tend to lose your Valorant account immediately from the team of Riot Games as such smurfing is not allowed and encouraged too.

As one can simply create multiple accounts to increase Valorant rankings and ing levels by smurfing and playing against substandard teams, any game is competitive only if it doesn’t breach the code of conduct, smurfing rules, and regulations set by the devs.

Hence, Valorant’s developers Riot Games have already clearly mentioned that smurfing is strictly hindered in Valorant and they are also on the spree of prohibiting accounts who involve in smurfing and boosting on Valorant.

More on Smurfing in Valorant 2022!

Literally smurfing on Valorant is not only bannable in 2022 alone, smurfing has always been prohibited in Valorant, which ever year it maybe, and banning those accounts who are actively involved at smurfing should be encouraged and accepted going forward by the Valorant gamers.

Because such type of smurfing activities in the Valorant game doesn’t allow free flow of the game at all, and to make the game more competitive and equal to all, smurfing should completely be banned by the team of Valorant and Riot Games.

So all those budding and emerging Valorant gamers, have an eye on all these activities like multiple accounts, smurfing and boosting, restrain yourselves from smurfing activities and things in Valorant such that it enhances and makes the gaming more competitive.

So finally, it’s safer to say that smurfing is/will/has always been prohibited in Valorant by Riot Games, as Riot Games are on a banning spree and waves by retrieving those illegal Valorant accounts which doesn’t follow the protocols.

Smurfing in Valorant 2022!

Is Smurfing Bannable in Valorant, yes of course smurfing is Bannable and not allowed on Valorant game forever, make sure to play legally and improvise your Valorant rankings in a fair manner, as integrity in any game should be followed, so does for Valorant too.

So, smurfing is not allowed and you must not also create multiple parody Valorant accounts to boost rankings and improvise Valorant points easily. Always play legally to boost your Valorant rankings and ING levels from now onwards.

As anytime Valorant may close and terminate your account forever with a ban from Riot Games. Is Smurfing Bannable in Valorant 2022 article gets done with this, stay tuned for more Valorant-related articles from our website. Keep watching this space for more video game articles.

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