How to Perform NBA 2k23 VC Glitch – Tips & Tricks

In this article, I’m going to show y’all, the best working NBA 2k23 VC glitch, even after the latest patch. This glitch literally works the same way even if you’re on current-gen and, I’m gonna walk you guys through that as well. 

NBA 2k23 VC Glitch: 100% Working

I’m sure 2K is gonna patch this glitch eventually, but I want all of you guys to take advantage of it while you can now to start this glitch off, what you guys want to do is go over to your settings, and listen in my opinion.  This is the best way to get as much VC as you need if we’re going strictly for BC, then you want to make sure that you follow the settings. 

NBA 2k23 VC Glitch
NBA 2k23 VC Glitch


Number one is, you do want to make sure that you’re a starter that’s gonna make this VC glitch a whole lot faster because you’re able to swim out at halftime if you’re about 25, but only if you’re a starter. Next, whether your own current or next-gen NBA 2k23 VC Glitch you can follow these settings and make sure your quarter length is on five, I mean that’s the game difficulty if you up the game difficulty of the course you’re going to get more NBA 2k23 VC Glitch, but you want to make sure that you’re able to get up by 25 after halftime. 

How to Perform NBA 2k23 VC Glitch

So you can play whatever difficulty you feel the most comfortable with. Just want to make sure, like I said that you’re a starter and you’re able to get up by 25 at halftime. So yeah man whether you’re on current or next-gen all these exact settings and you’ll be able to make a vault of VC, whether in current or an action. Your next step is to go ahead and start your next career game. Now once this game loads up, you just want to get up by 25 as fast as possible.

So if you just shoot through the whole entire game on a lower difficulty, you’re going to be able to do that extremely fast. So the next step whether you’re on current or nation is to get to the start of the third quarter and be up by 25. All right, so look guys once you guys are in the third quarter in Europe by 25, what you want to do is you’ll see SSM out with VC that’s perfect you’re at the start of the third quarter. 

NBA 2k23 VC Glitch: Tips & Tricks

You want to go ahead and save and quit uh the marker game and then you immediately want to go ahead and reload the same my career game back up. Once you do that, you’ll be back at the save point, and then from here all you want to simply do is, go to as a Sim to the end with BC, you’ll still get your VC and you don’t have to plan the second half of the game which is perfect for getting NBA 2k23 VC Glitch. 

NBA 2K23 Player Ratings
NBA 2k23 VC Glitch

As soon as the game ends, you guys will see that, of course, you’ll get your mod points, and your badge progression and then you’ll also get your VC. You will get more VC if you play on a higher difficulty, so it’s going to pull you up to you but as soon as you see your VC load up, close out the application and then go ahead and reload the game back up. 

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