Dislodge A Runaway Boulder Fortnite: How To Knock Down & Dislodge In Single Match!

Here we are with another post, in which we will see all about Knock Down & dislodge A Runaway Boulder Fortnite in single match. By using a weapon to smash several supporting rocks at a boulder’s base, players can quickly move it. The boulder will move once all the other rocks have broken. For 15,000 XP, players must move 6 boulders to complete the challenge.

In Fortnite, there are many more dangers to be found all around the map, including wildlife, tornadoes, and large rocks tumbling down the slopes. Players don’t always need to be concerned about these pure phenomena. Players can Dislodge A Runaway Boulder Fortnite and make use of them by moving them that they find on the map.

Dislodge A Runaway Boulder Fortnite:-

Dislodge A Runaway Bounlder Fortnite

Runaway Large sphere-shaped rocks called boulders are surrounded by smaller stones at the base. They can be moved and rolled around the ground and are found on various mountains and hills in the Fortnite area.

When we Dislodge A Runaway Boulder Fortnite, the Boulder collide with rival players, they can cause serious damage, especially if they fall from the sky and strike them in the head. They are frequently helpful throughout our match, whether we need a place to hide, solve a quick problem, or eliminate an unexpected enemy.

Depending on whether a runaway boulder rolls towards us or off from us throughout our game, Dislodge A Runaway Boulder Fortnite may be damaging or helpful. In either case, once we happen to see a rocky entice, it can be difficult to resist dislodging it. We might even be given the choice to participate in that triumph royale. We can’t possibly know.

How To Dislodge A Runaway Boulder Fortnite?

Now we will learn how to dislodge a runaway boulder Fortnite. A boulder can be moved rather easily. It is likely that the majority of players already know how to dislodge a runaway boulder in Fortnite, by fulfilling this assignment because they have had it for the length of Fortnite Season 3. If we don’t, here’s a simple, step-by-step instruction.

Players should land in a suitable location for their location. On the map, boulders are disproportionally spread out, with most of them being in the northwest. They are conveniently located next to POIs such as Rave Cave, Reality Falls, & Logjam Lotus.

Players should find a boulder as soon as they land and pick up a primary weapon. Once found, players must go toward the boulder and begin fracturing the rocks that are keeping it in place. Although players can use firearms to smash rocks, a pickaxe is the most effective tool to utilise.

The boulder will fall when all of the supporting rocks have broken. To accomplish the challenge, players must move a total of six boulders. It’s not necessary to knock them all out in one match, though. This is how we should dislodge a runaway boulder Fortnite.

How to use a Baller to knock down a Runaway Boulder in Fortnite?

Dislodge A Runway Bounlder Fortnite

To finish the task and gain experience points in Fortnite Chapter 3, adhere to the steps listed below.

• Descent into Rave Cave POI.

• From the several spawns in that POI, enter a Baller. To discover the Runaway Boulder, take the Baller up a steep hill east of Rave Cave.

• Using boost as well as the Grapple Hook, players may easily climb the hill.

• Finally, after reaching the peak of the hill, loopers must boost right into the Boulder in order to move it.

• To avoid mistakes, position a Baller close to a Boulder.

• To gain up to 15,000 XP and move up on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3’s ranking, complete the challenge.

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