Zion Williamson NBA 2K22 Hero Agenda

Zion Williamson NBA 2K22 the New Orleans Pelicans star has been emerging as one of the best current players, and surely from NBA 2k23 Zion Williamson will scale more heights as per his stats and recent success in NBA.

The Zion Williamson NBA 2k22 card has been made freely available to acquire ever since the NBA 2k22 Season 7 1st Level. As Zion Williamson is an ultimate player, especially in blocks and rebounds, no NBA 2K gamer would say no to his card.

Zion Williamson NBA 2K22
Zion Williamson NBA 2K22

Also with the Zion Williamson NBA 2k22 card, there are 2 challenges to proceed with, the Hero Zion Part 1 and Hero Zion Part 2 Agendas, let’s look in detail at Zion Williamson in NBA 2k23 and a lot more.

Zion Williamson NBA 2K22 – Hero Zion Agendas Challenges!

Ever since NBA 2k22 season 7 launched, the Zion Williamson MyTeam card has always been in huge demand from gamers.

As Zion Williamson has some wonderful skills and abilities, especially in the triple threat online, no one would say no to his card.

So let’s go with the guide to Hero Zion Agendas and challenges in NBA 2k22 here now.

Hero Zion Part 1 Agenda!

Williamson Dunks & BLK are here, make at least 5 dunks, then 1 block with Hero Zion Williamson in a single NBA 2k22 match is a must to get the 1,000 XP reward.

Then the Williamson Points is all about scoring around 75 points using Hero Zion Williamson in more than 2 NBA 2k22 games, reward for this should be 2,500 XP.

Hero Zion Part 2 Agenda!

The same Williamson Points come first now, again score over 21 points by acquiring Hero Zion Williamson in a Triple Threat Offline match on NBA 2k22, the reward of 500 XP is all yours.

Then the Williamson rebounds, by getting 10 rebounds with the Hero Zion Willamson card in many matches to claim the the reward of 1,000 XP.

So that’s, the easiest way to accomplish the Hero Zion Agendas in NBA 2k22.

Zion Williamson NBA 2K22 Skills, Abilities & a Lot More!

Zion Williamson usually plays the counter-attacking forward role in NBA, the New Orleans Pelican’s emerging youngest who’s just 22 has already earned more than 15,000,000$.

The youngster has gotten around 87+ NBA 2k22 rating points for his New Orleans Pelicans team always.

Zion is a slashing Playmaker with a flamboyant attitude, his forward blocks, rebounds, and ball possession have been ultimate, and no other NBA player can block him when Zion Williamson starts passing the balls.

NBA 2k22 Haywire Event
Zion Williamson NBA 2K22

The American pro-NBA gamer also plays center at times, but predominantly Zion is a powerful power forward player, Zion was also the ultimate first pick in the NBA 2019 draft.

Zion NBA 2k23 has over 87+ rating points to date, 25 badges, and 2 halls of fame all making up for the impact of Zion Williamson to date.

Zion Williamson both in NBA 2k22 and NBA 2k23 has outplayed his other counterparts with his best speed, acceleration, close shot, outside scoring, offensive consistency, mid-range shot, and free throw all of these skills of Zion Williamson have always been at the top.

Zion has also been at his best in defending, playmaking, and inside scoring too, but Zion Williamson will always be known for his blocks and rebounds in NBA 2k22 and also for his lethal attacks too.

That’s everything about Zion Williamson in NBA 2k22, and yet Zion Williamson has ultimately been playing well in NBA 2k23 as well. So pick up the Zion Williamson card in season 7 of NBA 2k22 and use his skills wisely with the best abilities.

Stay tuned for more about Zion Williamson NBA 2K22, and also about more NBA 2k22 articles from our end, keep watching this space for more exclusive information and gaming content.

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