How to Update BGMI 2.2- Steps to Update BGMI & PUBG!

How to Update BGMI 2.2 version after the ban must be the question amongst all the BGMI Indian fans’ mind. Here we update with easy steps and tips to update BGMI 2.2 patch update easily.

As even after the removal of BGMI in playstore for all the indian players, Krafton hasn’t restricted yet those current BGMI gamers from playing who haven’t uninstalled the BGMI apk or app from their devices, so the existing and incumbent Android & iOS BGMI Indian players can continue enjoying gaming BGMI on their devices.

To those players who are looking forward to knowing the tips to update BGMI 2.2 version for both Android & iOS devices, follow the GA experts’ steps below to update BGMI 2.2 patch update version easily on your Android & iPhone devices in 2022.

App Name BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)
Developers KRAFTON Inc
Release Date 17, June 2021
Total Downloads 70 Million++ (Android +IOS)
v2.2 Update release date 15 September 2022 at 12:30 ~ 18:30
Update Size Android: 681 MB | iOS: 1.91 GB
Official Website
BGMI UC Buy Website

How to Update BGMI 2.2? – Guide to Download BGMI v2.2 update with APK files!

How to Update BGMI

Steps to Update BGMI 2.2 Version in Android!

Firstly we go on with step-by-step instructions to update BGMI 2.2 patch version for all the Android BGMI gamers.

As always, Android users can directly download the BGMI 2.2 apk file also with its OBB files too, as BGMI is not available on Google play store right now and also BGMI website doesn’t give or grant access to download patch BGMI files on their websites, the only way to download BGMI 2.2 is by downloading the apk from some of the best websites which you are using regularly.

Mostly the apk files with OBB for BGMI 2.2 patch update will be of beta version, we will share more ways to update BGMI 2.2 if they are made available officially.

The BGMI Android apk 2.2 update files must be close to around 1 GB depending on the sites you explore and use.

Steps to Update BGMI 2.2 Version in iOS & Apple iPhone Devices!

Now we go on with step-by-step instructions to update BGMI 2.2 patch version for all the iOS and Apple iPhone BGMI gamers.

Similarly, even app store for iphone users has already removed the BGMI game for Indian regions as per the instructions from the government and Krafton.

So iPhone and iOS BGMI users and players are finding it very difficult to download the BGMI v2.2 update on their iOS & iPhone devices.

On Android phones, BGMI players easily go to third-party links and websites to download and update BGMI 2.2 version, but on iOS devices and iPhones, it’s quite difficult, different, and complicated for all the BGMI players to download this particular v2.2 BGMI update for iOS in 2022.

The same methodology pattern of Android can be used by iPhone BGMI players to download and update the BGMI v2.2 apk file with OBB on their iPhones, the v2.2 apk file for BGMI 2.2 in iOS will come close to 2 GB, but there are so many security threats for iPhone users to download the patch update version of BGMI 2.2 in their iOS devices in 2022 after the Krafton’s legal ban.

How to Update BGMI

BGMI 2.2 Patch Notes, Leaks & Features!

A new ancient secret arise map, Erangel changes, new emotes, gun skins, New Nusa Map, European Themed and Styled Strange Area Town, A New Exclusive Fire Arm Inspection Feature are all the new BGMI 2.2 updates, leaks, features and patch notes for now as BGMI 2.2 release date was yesterday, which had already begun, rolled out and released too.

That’s a wrap to our next GA guide on how to update BGMI 2.2 for all Android and iOS users with APK and OBB files. Easy steps, tricks and tips to download and update BGMI 2.2 are given after the game’s official ban.

Krafton are finding ways to bring the game soon with BGMI 2.0 Version, yet you may use this easy guide to download and update BGMI v2.2 patch update with APK files for all Android and iOS users. Stay tuned for more BGMI 2.2 leaks and official updates.

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