BGMI UC Purchase Website Free Updated 2022

It’s been a year since BGMI was launched during the Covid break. In this article, we are gonna discuss BGMI UC Purchase Website Free. Many new players come in to experience the exhilarating nature of the game’s Battle Royale mode.

This increase in player numbers has also resulted in an increase in in-game purchases. These purchases may only be done using Unknown Cash, the in-game cash (UC).

While many players can afford to buy UC, there are a few players that cannot. They look for alternatives that would allow them to obtain free UC. They must, however, avoid utilizing bogus websites that might steal their information. This article discusses various trustworthy methods for obtaining free UC in BGMI.

BGMI UC Purchase Website Free Updated

BGMI UC Purchase Website free

Here are various ways from which we can purchase BGMI UC for free. Some the best working methods are been listed below. These method are 100% legal and you can surely enjoy free BGMI UC Purchases.


LOCO has grown in popularity over the years, with many professional players and video makers utilizing it on a regular basis. LOCO just became the live streaming option for mobile fans of the BGMI Masters Series LAN tournament.

Upon login, the software rewards gamers with virtual gold coins. Users may also earn up to 400 gold coins every day by watching live streams. You can use the LOCO App for BGMI UC Purchase Website Free.


Giveaways are next on the list. There are several YouTube channels and websites on the internet that constantly provide free BGMI UCs. All you have to do is to keep an eye on these platform, so that when these giveaways occur, you can participate in it and enjoy free UCs. You can get BGMI UC Purchase Website Free form the Giveaways directly.

Custom room/tournaments

Many YouTube gaming video makers hold daily custom rooms and competitions with prizes such as UC, Elite Royale Passes, and other items. These competitions will also assist you in honing your talents and advancing your career in professional gaming. You can earn BGMI UC Purchase Website Free from the tournaments or custom rooms.


Winzo has worked with numerous well-known BGMI broadcasters that promote the app on their live streams. They stream several games accessible on the app, assisting their audience in learning more about it. The software is genuine, and gamers should not be afraid to utilize it.

The app provides a selection of free games that may be played with the joining incentive. When players win games and tournaments, they are awarded with money. By attaching the app to the user’s bank account, the money received may be withdrawn. This cash may then be used to buy BGMI UC Purchase Website Free.

Poll Pay App

The Poll Pay app operates similarly to the Google Opinion Rewards app. All you have to do is complete certain chores and take some quizzes, and the prizes will be sent to your Google Play balance. You’ll know what to do with them from there. You can use the Poll Pay App for BGMI UC Purchase Website Free.

BGMI UC Purchase Website free

BGMI UC Purchase Website Free using Google Play Credit

  • To begin, start the game on your smartphone.
  • Select the UC option with a ‘+’ symbol on the homepage.
  • A list of UCs that you may acquire based on your needs.
  • Choose the one you wish to buy and you’ll be sent to the checkout page.
  • The Google Play Balance option is now visible.
  • Continue by tapping on the payment procedure.
  • When the process is finished, the UCs will be deposited into your BGMI account.
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