Apex Legends Event Skins- Collection Beast of Prey Event Skins!

Apex Legends Event skins or Beast of Prey Event Skins in Apex Legends are expected to commence on September 20th, 2022 officially. This beast of prey collection event is bringing out a new Gun Run LTM alongside the Loba Heirloom too.

Throughout the best of prey collection event in Apex Legends, you will be able to get some new Apex Legends New Skins, as this Apex Legends Collection Event in the form of a beast of prey event 2022 is sure to bring some new skins to the game.

Beast of Prey Event Skins in Apex Legends are also available in more numbers, here are all the details about the Apex Legends game’s beast of prey event release date, new From this collection event, and much more too.

Beast of Prey Event Skins in Apex Legends – Release Date & More Leaks with Info!

Apex Legends Event Skins

According to the sources, Apex Legends will introduce a brand new collection event in the form of Beast of Prey, where new guns, cosmetics, and heirlooms are expected to be unveiled too.

As a regular part of the 14th season on Apex Legends, this new Beast of Prey event is coming soon from 20th September 2022 as per the trailer from Respawn Entertainment.

Also, Respawn Entertainment has planned to host this beast of prey event for a course duration of around 2 weeks till the 4th of October 2022. The new Gun Run will also vanish off after the beast of prey event ends in the Apex Legends game.

Beast of Prey Event Skins in Apex Legends 

The new exclusive skins from Apex Legends’ Beast of Prey event are the

  • Legendary Pathfinder + Legendary Havoc,
  • Legendary Horizon + Legendary Rampage LMG,
  • Legendary Lifeline + Legendary Peacekeeper,
  • Legendary Loba + Garra de Alanza Heirloom,
  • Legendary Fuse + Legendary Alternator,
  • Legendary Flatline + Epic Vantage + Weapon Charm,
  • Legendary Octane + Legendary Prowler SMG,
  • Legendary Rampart + Legendary Devotion,

All these are the new wonderful skin additions to the beast of event of Apex Legends Season 14 edition.

Apex Legends Collection Event!

Beast of Prey Event Skins in Apex Legends

The new Apex Legends season 14 collection event is the Beast of Prey event, from 20th Sept till oct 4th, where the new heirloom cosmetics items, Gun Run LTM are expected to be available throughout this Event.

The New Gun Run LTM and the Loba Heirloom mythic tier cosmetic are expected to be powerful and beautiful respectively in Apex Legends, available using the heirloom shards, also a new exclusive fresh beast of prey reward track can be expected too.

Apex Legends Event Skins – List of Apex Legends New Skins 

The other major skins of beast of prey collection event in Apex Legends Season 14 are classified into 24 time limited themed skins with collections of the game’s major characters like Rampart, Pathfinder, Octane, Fuse, Loba and Flatline, Horizon, and a lot more with some legendary Apex Legends LTM weapons and skin guns too.

All these characters in beast of prey event on Apex Legends will be getting their own legendary skins for a limited period of time till the 4th of October, 2022.

Garra de Alanza Heirloom, she’s coming to the game of Apex Legends after a huge hiatus of 9 years, lastly, in Apex Legends season 14, the Loba Heirloom is also gettable for 150 heirloom shards in the game.

That’s everything about the beast of prey event of Apex Legends, all the beast of prey collection event skins and rewards with cosmetics, and how to get the Loba Heirloom in the beast of prey Apex Legends are all shared over here now.

Keep watching this space for more Apex legends gaming content, and follow us for more Esports and your favorite video games exclusive updates. Stay tuned for more exclusive news.

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