Valorant Patch 5.06 Release Date, New Features and More Leaks!

New exclusive Valorant Patch 5.06 Release Date, Features and More Leaks from our GA experts are now here. As Riot Games team has already hinted and teased about the Valorant’s september month state of the agents updates, now the next thing from Riot Games is obviously about the Valorant patch 5.05 update, release date and more leaks.

As chamber, kayo, fade are all set to get on their agent changes from September in Valorant, now it’s time to see on the 5.06 Valorant patch news and leaks. Riot Games usually follows the template of Tuesday releases for all Valorant updates.

So going forward by the same pattern of Valorant, the expected Valorant 5.06. update release should be in the coming or upcoming tuesdays.

Valorant Patch 5.06 Release Date!

Valorant 5.06 Patch Notes

The Valorant game’s recent updates were coming in the form of state of the agents sept 2022, and the new act in the last Valorant 5th episode act 2, now all eyes of Valorant players are easily at the release date of Valorant 5.06 version update.

As per leaks and suggestions from various Valorant sources, the official release date of Valorant patch 5.06 update version has been set as 14th September which is not possible, so mostly 20th september, 2022 could be the official release date for Valorant patch 5.06 update.

Though nothing about the 5.06 patch release date for Valorant was mentioned in the new state of the agents updates on twitter handles, but we’re sure that these speculations and tentative dates for Valorant 5.06 update release date of September 20th will be true.

Valorant 5.06 Patch Notes & Features!

A possible stinger buffs on Valorant PBE, primary fire adjustments, alt fire first shot errors are expected patch notes for Valorant 5.06 update.

Then a new Valorant tournament mode is currently being tested by Riot Games with plenty of matches and gaming modes with league points for the Valorant 5.06 patch update version.

More Valorant 5.06 Patch Notes & Leaks! 

Valorant Patch 5.06 Release Date

As we had already discussed that Valorant State agent changes for September is happening, the same state of the agent changes will be commencing on with the 5.06 patch update of Valorant.

Firstly fade is expected to get more nerfs on Valorant, the agent will be becoming stronger in attacks and speed movements of the game.

Whilst chamber is getting on his nerfs and changes for the sentinel role, also cipher will get his own nerfs too.

Valorant Patch 5.06 More Leaks!

Also a new mage Valorant agent, the official 21st agent which is based on water and controller is also expected to debut through the Valorant 5.06 update.

Kayo, Breach and Phoenix are also getting their own changed, with kits, abilities, fracture skills are expected to be a nerf by Valorant and Riot Games.

Apart from these Valorant 5.06 update will bring in a visual change, with excellent graphics and error free bug experience for all the Valorant gamers from 5.06 update of the game, and a lot more can also be expected from Riot Games.

With this our GA’s next article guide on Valorant Patch 5.06 Release Date, New Features and More Leaks will be done for now. Once we get more info regarding the same Valorant 5.06 patch updates and leaks, we will keep you all posted over here.

Valorant is constantly bringing the agent changes for all months to help you grow in the game and improvise your career too. The major state of the agent Valorant changes will help your agent with main abilities and skills.

Stay tuned for more Valorant updates and patch update 5.06 game leaks, keep following us for more updates and exclusive gaming content live and up to date.

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