New World Corrupted Weakness and Resistance 2022

Amazon Games has made a world with a few NPC assortments, every one of which adds to the range of zones and stories. So, in this article, we will be discussing New World Corrupted Weakness and Different types of damage in the New World. While the different New World NPC classes show up stylishly interesting, their activities contrast. Each New World NPC type has qualities and weaknesses according to the world’s huge number. These are fundamental for finishing the game, stepping up, and cultivating Gypsum.

There are multiple ways of crushing the final plan content cycle, especially towards the last game. Plus, we have added what the NPCs are solid against so you can conclude whether the weapon you are bringing is negative to your substance type. You might have a ranch way encompassed by animals or protected by New World corrupted weakness and lost in the event that you’re an expert. Anything content you like, you’ll without a doubt need the damage kind that counters your future rivals.

To do this, we made a graph that subtleties the New World corrupted weaknesses of foes, making it more straightforward to damage them.

New World Corrupted Weakness and Resistance

New World Corrupted Weakness

In the New World, there are five essential kinds of adversaries, each with their extraordinary arrangement of New World corrupted weakness and qualities. Realizing your rival’s flimsy spot is a major benefit in the New World, and you ought to utilize it consistently.

Figuring out Various types of Damage in New World

Weapons in the New World are doled out either as an actual damage type (Cut, Push, or Strike) or a mysterious damage type (Hidden, Discharge, Ice, Lightning, Nature, or Void).

Just Obscure, Lightning, and Void damage are not inborn in any weapon. You should use stuff and advantages that convert a piece of damage to that component to bargain this damage.

Here are the five essential classes of adversaries you’ll look at in Aeternum, alongside their assets and weaknesses. We additionally furnish exhortation on the most proficient method to manage them. Let’s see New World Corrupted Weakness and Different types of damages in the New World in more detail.

New World Corrupted Weakness

The Lost

The Lost are the phantoms, wights, and other undead elements you’ll experience on Aeternum, including that large number of privateers lost to the oceans.

They are much of the time seen in more noteworthy numbers in the space of Ruler’s Feigns, Brightwood, Reekwater, Weaver’s Fen, Anxious Shore, and Cutlass Keys. Moreover, The Lost are the essential adversaries in the Marine Exhuming.


The Ancients, Aeternum’s unique populace, are represented by the skeleton Antiquated Gatekeepers that watch notable remnants and other fascinating structures.

They might be tracked down prevalent in Weaver’s Fen, Windward, Mourningdale, and First Light. Sharp edges’ Islands They are likewise the essential adversaries in both the Starstone Pushcarts and the Lazarus Instrument.

The Angry Earth

The Angry Earth is the dryads of Aeternum, creatures framed of wood and other regular materials that see our presence as a disease.

Their home district is Edengrove, but they may likewise be tracked down in Brightwood’s Bronze Woods region and in different pockets of Reekwater. They are likewise the essential bad guys in the Nursery of Beginning.

The Corrupted

The New World Corrupted Weakness are one of the primary foes in New World, and they assume a huge part in the game’s PvE ongoing interaction. They are additionally most of the adversaries in both The Profundities and the Line Shipyard.

You’ll need to collaborate with amigos to bring them down, but they can be found in pockets you can handle alone – you can remember them by their red tone.


Beasts, the wild creatures of Aeternum, might be found all over the place. You’ll confront hunters like wolves, bears, and wild felines, as well as prey, can imagine turkeys, hogs, and buffalo, consistently.

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